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Section 179 Expensing Election


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___ Qualifying property definition (expanded to qualified leasehold improvement, restaurant, and retail for 2010 through 2013)
___ Trade or business active conduct requirement
___ Taxable income limitation for business (salary add back)
___ Basis adjustment (if depreciating part)
___ Annual dollar limitation
___ Investment limitation
___ Common control other entities
___ Election, adequate property identification
___ Election on original return or amended before due date
___ Elect on part of property
___ Carryforward under income limitation
___ Consider effect on other shareholders/partners/members
___ Married filing separately
___ Revocation of election requires consent (2003-2013 special rule)
___ Noncorporate lessor restrictions
___ Placed in service date
___ Tangible personal property
___ Other tangible property (see below)
___ Long-lived property first pick
___ AMT (alternative minimum tax)
___ Mid-quarter convention
___ Tax bracket analysis
___ Multi-year tax analysis
___ Acquired only by purchase (no contribution to new entity)
___ Related party transactions
___ Like-kind exchange rules
___ Luxury vehicle limitation
___ Sport utility limitation (see below)
___ Recapture on disposition
___ Recapture on conversion to personal use (50% or greater)
___ Passthrough entities report on shareholder/partner/member
___ Business use more than 50% in placed in service year
___ Off-the-shelf computer software (2010 through 2013)
___ Property converted from personal to business not qualifying
___ No air conditioning or heating units
___ Transient lodging rules
___ De minimis expensing safe harbor vs. 179
___ Election on Form 4562; recapture on Form 4797
___ Special rules for disaster assistance property, empowerment zone, renewal community, New York Liberty Zone

Note 1. Other tangible property (not most buildings and structural components) that is:

Other qualifying property includes single-purpose agricultural or horticultural structures.

Note 2. There are special rules for trucks and SUVs. The entire cost of a pickup truck qualifies if the bed is at least six feet long and the GVWR of the vehicle is in excess of 6,000 pounds. Vans qualify if there is no seating rearward of the driver's seat and has no body section protruding more than 30 inches ahead of the leading edge of the windshield. Passenger vans with a seating capacity of 9 persons or less behind the driver's seat are subject to a $25,000 limitation. Check the rules carefully.


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