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Mortgage Interest Deduction


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Mortgage Interest Deduction

__ Principal and second residence requirement
__ $1,000,000 debt limit; married filing separate ($500,000); for 2018 and subsequent years only for acquisition debt incurred prior to 12/15/2017
__ $750,000 ($375,000 married filing separate) debt limit on debt incurred on or after 12/15/2017 for 2018 and subsequent years.
__ Home equity interest not deductible beginning with 2018 taxable year
__ Refinanced pre-12/15/2017 debt $1,000,000 limit applies
__ Debt limit per individual not per property
__ Fair market value of home limit for all qualified debt; qualified portion only
__ Secured by residence
__ Mortgage recorded
__ Refinancing deductible amount limited to remaining original loan (improvement exception)
__ Costs of refinancing added to loan
__ Deductible points (original loan only)
__ Amortizable points (second home; refinancing; life of loan; new lender)
__ Refinancing with same lender
__ Legal ownership/benefits and burdens
__ Obligation to make payments
__ Community property
__ 14 days/10% rule for rented property (second home)
__ Accrued interest not currently deductible
__ Unamortized points deductible on refinancing
__ Qualified portion of home (residence portion)
__ Qualified as other debt, e.g., investment interest, business interest
__ Seller financed debt, special 1040 reporting requirements
__ Construction period (24 months)
__ Occupancy rule
__ Late payment penalty as interest (not for specific service)
__ Prepayment penalty deductible as interest
__ Interest payment as alimony
__ Qualifying second home (kitchen and bath; RV, boat)
__ Cost of improvements
__ Selection of qualifying home (if multiple homes owned)
__ Tracing of mortgage proceeds
__ Disclaiming mortgage interest deduction
__ Prepaid interest
__ Casualty loss rules
__ Interest deductible up to not including date of sale
__ 90 day/24 month rule for use of mortgage proceeds
__ Mortgage debt forgiveness; insolvency; bankruptcy
__ Adequate interest on seller financed debt
__ Alternative minimum tax (AMT) add back for home equity loan (tax years prior to 2018)
__ Election not to claim interest on home
__ Part of home rented or used for business; safe harbor election for business use
__ Definition of points
     ___Main (deductible) vs. second (amortizable) home
     ___Established practice
     ___Not more than generally charged in that area
     ___Not in place of amounts ordinarily separated stated such as appraisal fees
     ___Funds provided before closing at least as much as points
     ___Loan used to buy or build home
     ___Computed as percentage of principal amount of mortgage
     ___Amount clearly shown on settlement statement
__ Points paid by seller
__ Refunded interest
__ Mortgage insurance premiums (check current law; )
__ Spousal buyout
__ Wraparound mortgage

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