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Life Changes Affecting Taxes


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Life Changes Affect Taxes

Life changes can have significant affects on taxes. Some effects are quickly recognized, some are more subtle. But unless you're aware, they can be a big surprise at tax time. Here's a list of potential changes and potential tax effects.

___ New job? Higher or lower pay? Adjust withholdings.
___ Spouse now working? Adjust withholdings/estimated taxes.
___ Unemployment compensation taxable. Ensure sufficient withholdings federal and state.
___ Marriage? Divorce? Married for full year if married at end. Changes in income, tax brackets.
___ Widowed? If widowed during year, married for full year. File as surviving spouse for two years following death if dependents.
___ Now self-employed? Pay self-employment tax.
___ Lower income? Deductible IRA/Roth IRA now available?
___ Sale of home? Gain in excess of exclusion long-term capital gain; use of $500,000 exclusion for 2 years following death of spouse.
___ Rental of vacation home? Short-term rental of unused portion of principal? Additional income, estimated taxes.
___ Death in family? Income from estate.
___ Birth of child? $2,000 child tax credit annually for child under age 17; credit drops to $500 if still dependent at 17.
___ Adoption of child? Adoption credit; child tax credit; change in filing status.
___ Begin collecting Social Security. Portion taxable depending on income level.
___ Begin distributions from IRA, pension plan, annuity? Income taxable; withholdings.
___ Turn 55? 59-1/2? Exceptions to penalty for distributions from retirement plans, IRAs apply.
___ Turn 70-1/2? May be required to take minimum distributions. Exception for 2020.
___ Caring for elderly or disabled relaitve? Filing status, child/dependent tax credit.
___ Started business? Self-employment tax, additional income/losses.
___ Investing in S corporation? Passthrough of income/losses.
___ Unusual asset sales? (e.g., stamp collection, classic car, land, etc.)
___ Major illness? Medical expenses deductible; itemize vs. standard deduction.
___ Covered by a retirement plan at work now? No longer covered? Contributions to deductible IRA.
___ Asset sales from business?
___ Casualty loss? Deductible only if business related or presidential disaster area.
___ Forgiveness of debt? May be income; exceptions exist.


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