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Links -- Introduction

The IRS has a wealth of material on its site. Unfortunately, more than a little of it can be hard to find. Below is a selected list of links to FAQs, tips, etc. of interest to individuals, small business owners and CPAs etc. Some of the links take your right to a particular FAQ, others take you to list of links on the IRS site. We'll add to the list on a regular basis.



View Your Tax Account Information
Get Transcript FAQs--Info on obtaining a transcript of a tax return
EFTPS-Electronic Payment System
Direct Pay--For individuals only; pay with debit from bank account only.
Individuals/Instructions for Requesting Copy of Fraudulent Returns
Qualifying Child Rules
ITIN Expiration Frequently Asked Questions
Moving Expenses Can be Deductible
FAQs for Disaster Victims
Amended Returns
CP-2000 Notice of Unreported Income
Tools--A list of Links to IRS Resources
Latest News--List of recent IRS news releases.



Now you can buy U.S. Series-I Savings Bonds for anyone with your tax refund
Retirement Plans
Retirement Plan FAQs
Retired Plans for Self-Employed
Small Business Retirement Plan Resources
Waiver of 60-day Rollover Period


Affordable Care Act

Premium Tax Credit--Basic info on the health care premium tax credit
ACA Information Center for Tax Professionals--Info and links to other sources at
Affordable Care Act--Return Preparer Best Practices Resolving Information Form 1095 Conflicts


Self-Employed and Business

Self-Employed Individuals Tax Center--Basic info with links to related topics
Sharing Economy Tax Center
Estimated Taxes for Farmers and Fisherman
Payment Card Transactions FAQs
Penalty Relief
Small Business and Self-Employed Tax Center


Estate and Gift

Frequently Asked Questions on Estate Taxes
Frequently Asked Questions on Gift Taxes
Deceased Taxpayers - Getting Information from the IRS
Deceased Persons - Filing the Final Return(s) of a Deceased Person


Tax Exempt

Annual Electronic Filing Requirement small exempt organizations--Form 990-N.
Automatic Exemption Revocation for Non-Filing



Washington Watch--Not an IRS link but you can find the text of bills in Congress


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