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Other Adjustments to AGI


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Form 1040 contains detailed lines for a number of adjustments to total income to arrive at AGI (adjusted gross income). The lines include alimony paid, moving expenses, deductible IRA contributions, the deductible portion of the self-employment tax, etc. There are a number of potential additional adjustments for which there are no specific lines. They're includable on Schedule 1, line 36.


Other Adjustments, Schedule 1, Form 1040, Line 36

___Personal property rental expenses
___Jury pay repayment to employer
___Repayment of supplemental unemployment benefits
___Foreign housing deduction (Form 2555)
___Reforestation amortization and expenses
___Archer MSA deduction (Form 8853)
___Contributions to 501(c)(18)(D) plan (reported and not reported on W-2)
___Qualified court costs and attorney fees related to unlawful discrimination
___Contributions to 403(b) plan by certain chaplains
___Qualified whistleblower fees
___Extraterritorial income exclusion (Form 8873)


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