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For tax years prior to 2018 you may have been able to deduct certain moving expenses that were related to a new job or a change in job location. That was true even if you were self-employed. That's no longer the case. The deductaion for moving expenses and the rules providing for exclusions of amounts attributable to in-kind moving and storage expenses (and reimbursements or allowances for these expenses) are now applicable only to members of the Armed Forces (or their spouse or dependents) on active duty that move pursuant to a military order and incident to a permanent change of station.

The checklist below now applies only to individuals filing original or amended returns for 2017 and prior years.


Qualifying Move

___Move closely related to start of work--1-year safe harbor
___Distance test-50 mile
___Time test-employee-39 weeks during first 12 months
___Time test-self-employed-78 weeks first 24 months
___Both self-employed and employee time test either 39 or 78 weeks
___First job/return to full-time work
___Married, either spouse can satisfy full-time work test
___Survivors of decedents who were working abroad
___Retirees who were working abroad
___Members of Armed Forces
___Amended return for failed test


Deductible Expenses

___Expense of moving household goods and personal effects
___Cost of shipping car; household pets
___Deduction for moving goods limited to cost from former home to new home
___In-transit or foreign-move storage expenses
___Traveling expenses to new home
___Lodging expenses (not meals) during travel
___Travel expenses shortest, most direct route (side trips not deductible)
___Actual expenses for car travel (e.g., gas, oil; not insurance, repairs, maintenance)
___Standard mileage rate of 23 cents per mile
___Parking, tolls
___Expenses for you and dependents
___Storage costs limited to total of 30 days after leaving former home and before delivered to new home
___Lodging expenses for one day in vicinity of former home
___Moving goods into and out of storage (foreign moves)
___Storage while at new job location (foreign moves)


Not Deductible

___New car tags
___New drivers license
___Expenses of buying/selling home
___Expenses of breaking or getting a lease
___Loss on sale of home
___Losses on club memberships
___Pre-move house hunting expenses
___Return trips to former residence
___Loss of security deposits
___Storage charges (except those noted above)
___Side trips


Other Points

___Accountable vs. nonaccountable plan
___Reimbursement shown on W-2 (box 12, Code P)
___Form 3903

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