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The rules with respect to depreciation and Sec. 179 expensing are constantly changing. The checklist below applies to post-Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (December, 2017) law unless noted. Different rules and limitations were available in earlier years. Depreciation

___ Depreciation rules applicable to autos; lease inclusion amount; see Vehicle Tables
___ Applicable to business, rental property owners
___ Form 4562; Instructions Pub. 946
___ Qualified leasehold improvement, restaurant, retail property; 15-year depreciation; Sec. 179
___ Qualified nonresidential property improvements post-Dec. 31, 2017; qualify for Sec. 179; any interior improvement ___ True purchase or lease?
___ Fiscal year taxpayer rules
___ Short taxable year
___ Basis; acquistion from related party
___ Federal/State/financial differences
___ On Form 4562 reconcile to asset/depreciation worksheets
___ Check for overdepreciation/full depreciation of asset
___ Alternative minimum tax differences--depreciation/basis
___ Autos/trucks/other listed property; % use; greater than 50% threshold for accelerated depreciation
___ Qualified nonpersonal use vehicle exempt from limitations
___ Sec. 179; auto limitations; $25,000 SUV expense cap if GVWR greater than 6,000 pounds
___ Sec. 179; election on original or amended return; revoke election on amended return
___ Sec. 179 limitation; for 2018 $1,000,000; investment limitation $2.5 million phaseout; ($500,000 2016; $510,000 2017; investment limitation $2,010,000 2016; $2,030,000 2017)
___ Sec. 179; taxable income limitation; partner/shareholder level
___ Sec. 179 carryover
___ Sec. 179/depreciation recapture; drop in business use; disposition of property; tax plannng
___ State rules for accelerated depreciation/Sec. 179 limits could be different
___ Safe harbor depreciation autos Rev. Proc. 2019-13
___ Empowerment zone rules
___ Recovery period
___ Off-the-shelf software; Sec. 179; 3-year straight-line
___ Placed in service rule
___ Half-year; mid-month; mid-quarter convention; no depreciation if asset acquired and disposed of in same year
___ Depreciation for short year
___ Like-kind and involuntary conversions
___ First-year bonus depreciation; 50%; new property; election out by class of property--applies prior to Sept. 28, 2017
___ First-year bonus depreciation; 100%; new and used property; property acquired after Sept. 27, 2017
___ 100% bonus; used property; basis determined by cost not carryover, acquistion from related party, like-kind exchange, etc.
___ Amortization of startup, organization, etc. expenses
___ Election for de minimis safe harbor; Sec. 1.263(a)-1(f)
___ Expensing; $2,500 election; $5,000 election (audited financial statements)
___ Computers and peripheral equipment not listed property after Dec. 31, 2017.
___ Election, building expense safe harbor small taxpayers; Sec. 1.263(a)-3(h)
___ Election, capitalization of amounts paid or incurred for employee compensation/overhead as transaction costs
___ Election, capitalize repair and maintenance costs
___ Election, capitalize rotable, temporary, or standby emergency spare parts
___ Election, partial asset disposition
___ Adoption of accounting policy statement
___ Farmers; breeding livestock
___ Farmers; special purpose buildings
___ Depreciable property financed by industrial development bonds
___ Certified historic structure where tax credit taken
___ Environmental remediation costs; Sec. 198
___ Cost segregation analysis for new/improvements to buildings
___ Use of slower depreciation more advantageous? (Election by class)
___ Rev. Proc. 2002-54 to correct prior year underdepreciation
___ Failure to take depreciation; correction on sale; Form 3115; year of sale.
___ Remove assets abandoned, sold or otherwise disposed of from balance sheet
___ Requirement to file Form 3115 (Instructions), Application for Change in Accounting Method

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