Small Business Taxes & Management


Earnings & Profits Computation Worksheet

Taxable Income (or Loss)                                   _______

Tax-exempt income                                          _______
Depreciation for income tax purposes                       _______
80% of current year's Sec. 179 deduction                   _______
Net operating losses                                       _______
Carryovers                                                 _______
Installment sales, deferred gains                          _______
Organization and circulation expenditures                  _______
Dividends received deduction                               _______
Construction period carrying charges                       _______
Percentage of completion profits, less completed
  contract profits                                         _______
Increase in LIFO recapture amount                          _______
Certain intangible drilling costs                          _______
Depletion deducted less cost depletion                     _______
Life insurance proceeds greater than CSV                   _______
Federal income taxes                                       _______
Dividends and distributions                                _______
Depreciation for E&P purposes                              _______
20% of prior Sec. 179 deductions                           _______
50% of meal and entertainment expenses                     _______
Excess charitable contributions                            _______
Premiums on certain life insurance                         _______
Net Capital losses                                         _______
Expenses to produce tax-exempt income                      _______
Business gifts not deductible                              _______
Fines and penalties                                        _______
Completed contract profits, less percentage of             _______
Decrease in LIFO recapture amount                   
  completion profits                                       _______
Adjustment for gain on sale of depreciable property        _______
Related taxpayer expenses and losses                       _______
CAUTION. This is not a complete list. Moreover, some items may be challenged by the IRS. See our December 1, 1999 issue for additional details.
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