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IRS Pronouncements--2003

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The list below contains a synopses of selected revenue rulings, revenue procedures, notices, announcements and regulations beginning with those issued January 1, 2003. The list is limited to those items we believe to be of interest to small to mid-sized businesses, their advisors, CPAs, etc. Rulings, etc. dealing with banks, insurance companies, foreign operations, nonprofits, exotic transactions, etc. are generally excluded. For a similar listing for 2002, go to IRS Pronouncements--2002. For 2001 go to IRS Pronouncements--2001. For 2000 go to IRS Pronouncements--2000. We've included the IRB (Internal Revenue Bulletin) reference so you can find the full text on the IRS web site. We've tried to make the list as searchable as possible while keeping the descriptions short. Use the "find-in-page" or "find" feature of your browser to search this list. You can download any Bulletin at the IRS website. The Applicable Federal Rate and interest rates on over- and underpayments are updated on our IRS Interest Rates page or, for more details go to the IRS AFR page



New Additions - Bulletin 52

Rev. Rul. 2003-128 (IRB 2003-52) LIFO Price indexes, October, 2003.
Rev. Rul. 2003-127 (IRB 2003-52) Hedge identification; Reg. Sec. 1.446-4; 1.1221-2(b).
Rev. Rul. 2003-126 (IRB 2003-52) Interest rates; underpayments; overpayments; first quarter 2004.
Rev. Rul. 2003-125 (IRB 2003-52) Worthless security deduction; Sec. 165; election made to change entity from corporation to disregarded entity.

T.D. 9098 (IRB 2003-52) Sec. 1501; REG-153319-03; REG-132760-03; T.D. 9089; guidance how member of consolidated group reduces tax attributes; discharge of indebtedness income; exclusion from gross income under Sec. 108.

For the full text of these rulings, go to Internal Revenue Bulletin 2003-52.


Cumulative Listings - 2003

Revenue Rulings

Rev. Rul. 2003-128 (IRB 2003-52) LIFO Price indexes, October, 2003.
Rev. Rul. 2003-127 (IRB 2003-52) Hedge identification; Reg. Sec. 1.446-4; 1.1221-2(b).
Rev. Rul. 2003-126 (IRB 2003-52) Interest rates; underpayments; overpayments; first quarter 2004.
Rev. Rul. 2003-125 (IRB 2003-52) Worthless security deduction; Sec. 165; election made to change entity from corporation to disregarded entity.
Rev. Rul. 2003-123 (IRB 2003-50) Qualified conservation contribution; Sec. 642(c); Sec. 661(a)(2); charitable contribution not allowed to trust; distribution deduction not allowed trust; Sec. 170(h); Rev. Rul. 68-677 amplified.
Rev. Rul. 2003-124 (IRB 2003-49) Covered compensation tables; 2004; Sec. 401; defined benefit plan.
Rev. Rul. 2003-121 (IRB 2003-48) LIFO Price indexes, September, 2003.
Rev. Rul. 2003-119 (IRB 2003-47) Sec. 1274A; inflation adjustment for 2004; Rev. Rul. 2002-79 supplemented and superseded.
Rev. Rul. 2003-118 (IRB 2003-47) CPI adjustment for below-market loans for 2004; Sec. 7872(g); qualified continuing care facility; Rev. Rul. 2002-78 supplemented and superseded.
Rev. Rul. 2003-116 (IRB 2003-46) Sec. 147; helicopters; airplane; private activity bond.
Rev. Rul. 2003-115 (IRB 2003-46) Sec. 61; 104; 130; 139; gross income; compensation for sickness or injury; disaster relief payments; September 11th Victim Compensation Fund.
Rev. Rul. 2003-110 (IRB 2003-46) Sec. 355; 311; stocks and securities; distribution; controlled corporation; business purpose requirement; gain recognition under Sec. 311.
Rev. Rul. 2003-112 (IRB 2003-45) Work Opportunity Tax Credit; WOTC; eligibility critieria; included on the grant for some portion of the period; Sec. 51.
Rev. Rul. 2003-113 (IRB 2003-44) LIFO Price indexes, August, 2003.
Rev. Rul. 2003-108 (IRB 2003-44) Sec. 6323(a); actual notice or knowledge of existence of federal tax lien is irrelevant for lien priority.
Rev. Rul. 2003-106 (IRB 2003-44) Travel and entertainment expenses; electronic substantiation; electronic reporting; accountable plan requirements satisfied.
Rev. Rul. 2003-109 (IRB 2003-42) Disallowance of convention expenses; North American geographical area; Rev. Ruls. 87-95, 94-56 superseded.
Rev. Rul. 2003-105 (IRB 2003-40) Split-dollar life insurance arrangements; Rev. Ruls. 78-420, 79-50 obsoleted; Rev. Rul. 66-610 partially obsoleted.
Rev. Rul. 2003-104 (IRB 2003-39) Interest rates on under- and overpayments of tax; fourth quarter beginning October 1, 2003.
Rev. Rul. 2003-103 (IRB 2003-38) LIFO Price indexes, July, 2003.
Rev. Rul. 2003-102 (IRB 2003-38) Self-insured medical reimbursement plans; nonprescription medicines; over-the-counter drugs; exclusion from gross income; Rev. Rul. 2003-58 distinguished.
Rev. Rul. 2003-89 (IRB 2003-37) Fringe benefit aircraft valuation formula; SIFL; Standard Industry Fare Level; noncommercial flights.
Rev. Rul. 2003-100 (IRB 2003-34) LIFO Price indexes, June, 2003.
Rev. Rul. 2003-99 (IRB 2003-34) Obsolete rulings; list of previous rulings no longer determinative.
Rev. Rul. 2003-98 (IRB 2003-34) Sec. 83(h); compensatory stock options; deduction rules following certain corporate transactions.
Rev. Rul. 2003-97 (IRB 2003-34) Sec. 163; deductibility of interest; corporation issues units consisting of a note and forward contract to purchase corporation's common stock.
Rev. Rul. 2003-96 (IRB 2003-34) Sec. 482; application of allocation of income and deductions arising from lease stripping transactions; unrelated parties; arbitrary income shifting.
Rev. Rul. 2003-95 (IRB 2003-33) Sec. 7702; Life insurance contracts; distributions made in connection with a change in benefits; tax consequences of cash distribution in connection with a reduction in benefits of life insurance contract.
Rev. Rul. 2003-92 (IRB 2003-33) Variable contract holder; interests in nonregistered partnership; life insurance; annuity contract; Rev. Rul. 81-225 clarified and amplified.
Rev. Rul. 2003-91 (IRB 2003-33) Investor control doctrine; variable contract holder; segregated assets; safe harbor.
Rev. Rul. 2003-90 (IRB 2003-33) Accrual of liability for California franchise tax; taxable year following the taxable year in which the tax is incurred; Rev. Rul. 79-410 amplified.
Rev. Rul. 2003-76 (IRB 2003-33) Sec. 1035; 72; 1031; Exchange portion of an annuity; tax-free exchange; investment in contract; basis; cash value immediately prior to the exchange.
Rev. Rul. 2003-72 (IRB 2003-33) Sec. 21; 23; 24; 32; 129; 131; 137; 151; Determination of a child's specific age; child and dependent care credit; adoption credit; child tax credit; excludable dependent care benefits; excludable foster care benefits; excludable adoption assistance benefits; dependency exemptions.
Rev. Rul. 2003-88 (IRB 2003-32) Sec. 4971; running of statute of limitations; filing Form 5330 not Form 5500 starts limitations period for excise tax.
Rev. Rul. 2003-85 (IRB 2003-32) Excise tax; terminating defined benefit plan; reversion; defined contribution plan.
Rev. Rul. 2003-83 (IRB 2003-30) Minimum funding; entry age normal; reasonableness; Sec. 412(c)(3).
Rev. Rul. 2003-82 (IRB 2003-30) Tertiary injectant expenses; Sec. 43; oil recovery credit.
Rev. Rul. 2003-81 (IRB 2003-30) Depreciation of assets; asset class; assets of utility; Rev. Proc. 2002-9 modified and amplified.
Rev. Rul. 2003-87 (IRB 2003-29) LIFO Price indexes, May, 2003.
Rev. Rul. 2003-80 (IRB 2003-29) Sec. 6501; 6503(a); statute of limitations; bankruptcy; assessment period suspended.
Rev. Rul. 2003-79 (IRB 2003-29) Sec. 355; reverse Morris trust; substantially all requirement; Sec. 368(a)(1)(C); newly formed controlled corporation.
Rev. Rul. 2003-75 (IRB 2003-29) Sec. 355; separation of business; capital allocation problem.
Rev. Rul. 2003-74 (IRB 2003-29) Sec. 355; separation of business; same corporate group; concentrate on own business; business requirement.
Rev. Rul. 2003-73 (IRB 2003-28) Sec. 277; membership organizations; allowable deductions for providing goods and services to members.
Rev. Rul. 2003-70 (IRB 2003-27) Small employer plan exception; COBRA; continuation coverage requirements in mergers and acquisitions; more than 20 employees.
Rev. Rul. 2003-68 (IRB 2003-26) LIFO Price indexes, April, 2003.
Rev. Rul. 2003-67 (IRB 2003-26) Obsolete revenue rulings list.
Rev. Rul. 2003-65 (IRB 2003-25) Frozen plan; additional accruals; vesting service; plan termination; years of service; merged into new plan.
Rev. Rul. 2003-64 (IRB 2003-25) Sec. 511(a)(2)(A); Unrelated business taxable income; social club; credit under Sec. 45B; employer social security taxes paid with respect to employee tips.
Rev. Rul. 2003-63 (IRB 2003-25) Interest rates on under- and overpayments of tax; third quarter beginning July 1, 2003.
Rev. Rul. 2003-62 (IRB 2003-25) Taxability of distributions from employee's trusts; qualified retirement plan; distributions to pay health insurance premiums under cafeteria plan; reimbursement of medical care expenses.
Rev. Rul. 2003-61 (IRB 2003-24) Sec. 303; 2057; Taxation of qualified family-owned business interest; QFOBI; distribution in redemption of stock; estate eligibility to make QFOBI election.
Rev. Rul. 2003-59 (IRB 2003-24) Cost-share payments; Conservation Reserve Program; CRP; small watershed program; Sec. 126; exclusion from gross income; rental and incentive payments not excludable.
Rev. Rul. 2003-56 (IRB 2003-23) Like-kind exchanges; Sec. 752; Sec. 1031; minimum gain rules.
Rev. Rul. 2003-54 (IRB 2003-23) Depreciation; gasoline pump canopies; concrete footings; Rev. Rul. 68-345 obsoleted; Rev. Proc. 2002-9 modified and amplified.
Rev. Rul. 2003-58 (IRB 2003-22) Medical expenses; medicines purchased without a prescription not deductible; purchase of equipment or diagnostic devices without a prescription may be deductible.
Rev. Rul. 2003-57 (IRB 2003-22) Medical expenses; cosmetic vs. functional; breast reconstruction surgery; vision correction surgery; teeth whitening.
Rev. Rul. 2003-55 (IRB 2003-22) Spin off; business purpose requirement; unable to complete stock offering that motivated the distribution.
Rev. Rul. 2003-53 (IRB 2003-22) Special use value; farms; interest rates; Sec. 2032A.
Rev. Rul. 2003-52 (IRB 2003-22) Spin off; business purpose requirement; distribution to managing shareholders; estate planning; Sec. 1.355-2(b).
Rev. Rul. 2003-51 (IRB 2003-21) Transfer to corporation; control requirement under Section 351; successive transfers of property and stock; Rev. Ruls. 70-140, 70-522, 79-70, and 79-194 distinguished.
Rev. Rul. 2003-50 (IRB 2003-21) LIFO Price indexes, March, 2003.
Rev. Rul. 2003-43 (IRB 2003-21) Health plans; debit and credit cards to reimburse participants in self-insured medical reimbursement plans. Rev. Rul. 2002-80 distinguished.
Rev. Rul. 2003-49 (IRB 2003-20) Reporting requirements Section 527 organizations; political organizations; Rev. Rul. 2000-49 modified and superseded.
Rev. Rul. 2003-47 (IRB 2003-19) Sec. 457(e)(11)(A)(ii); length-of-service award program; LOSAP.
Rev. Rul. 2003-46 (IRB 2003-19) Sec. 3121(b)(7)(F); continuing employment exception to Medicare portion of FICA; service performed by government employee; Rev. Ruls. 86-88 and 88-36 supplemented.
Rev. Rul. 2003-36 (IRB 2003-18) Sec. 6903; 6015; executors; relief from joint and several liability; request for relief on behalf of decedent; person acting for another person in fiduciary capacity assumes the rights of that person.
Rev. Rul. 2003-41 (IRB 2003-17) Sec. 7503; 6511; time for filing a timely claim for refund when last day for filing return falls on Saturday, Sunday, legal holiday.
Rev. Rul. 2003-40 (IRB 2003-17) Estate tax; taxation of life insurance; Louisiana decedent; transfer of ownership; community property.
Rev. Rul. 2003-38 (IRB 2003-17) Sec. 355; website by retail sales store expansion of existing business vs. new or different business.
Rev. Rul. 2003-42 (IRB 2003-16) LIFO Price indexes, February, 2003.
Rev. Rul. 2003-37 (IRB 2003-15) Capital expenditures; rotable spare parts; depreciable assets.
Rev. Rul. 2003-32 (IRB 2003-14) Scholarship grants; employer-related private foundations; Sec. 117.
Rev. Rul. 2003-33 (IRB 2003-13) LIFO Price indexes, January, 2003.
Rev. Rul. 2003-31 (IRB 2003-13) Constructive sales; short sale; transition rule; Sec. 1.1233-1(a)(4); short-against-the-box.
Rev. Rul. 2003-30 (IRB 2003-13) Interest rates; underpayments; overpayments; second quarter of 2003.
Rev. Rul. 2003-25 (IRB 2003-13) Fringe benefits aircraft valuation formula; Standard Industry Fare Level; SIFL cents.
Rev. Rul. 2003-29 (IRB 2003-11) Election in respect of losses attributable to a disaster; list of areas declared by the President as major disaster in 2002.
Rev. Rul. 2003-28 (IRB 2003-11) Charitable contributions; patents; deduction; retention of substantial right; conditional reversion; transfer restriction.
Rev. Rul. 2003-27 (IRB 2003-11) Employee stock ownership plan; ESOP; basis adjustments of S corporation stock.
Rev. Rul. 2003-23 (IRB 2003-8) Estimated tax penalty safe harbor; late filed return preceding year.
Rev. Rul. 2003-21 (IRB 2003-8) LIFO Price indexes, December, 2002.
Rev. Rul. 2003-20 (IRB 2003-7) New markets tax credit; qualified equity investment; limited liability company; LLC; nonrecourse loan.
Rev. Rul. 2003-19 (IRB 2003-7) Insurance company demutalization; mutual insurance company conversion to stock company; tax consequences.
Rev. Rul. 2003-18 (IRB 2003-7) Sec. 355; expansion of business or acquisition of new or different business; auto dealer adding brand; Sec. 1.355-3(b)(3)(ii); Rev. Rul. 57-190 obsoleted.
Rev. Rul. 2003-7 (IRB 2003-5) Actual and constructive sales; Sec. 1001; Sec. 1259; shareholder receives a fixed amount of cash enters into contract to deliver shares on a future date; right of substitution.
Rev. Rul. 2003-15 (IRB 2003-4) Cost-share payments; AMA; Agricultural Management Assistance Program; Sec. 126; exclusion from gross income.
Rev. Rul. 2003-14 (IRB 2003-4) Cost-share payments; SWCA; Soil and Water Conservation Assistance Program; Sec. 126; exclusion from gross income.
Rev. Rul. 2003-9 (IRB 2003-4) LIFO Price indexes, November, 2002.
Rev. Rul. 2003-11 (IRB 2003-3) Limitation on annual compensation; allowable compensation; nondiscrimination.
Rev. Rul. 2003-12 (IRB 2003-3) Gross income; gifts; disaster relief payments; amounts paid by a state agency, charity, employer to reimburse for certain expenses; Presidentially declared disaster area; Rev. Rul. 53-131 modified.
Rev. Rul. 2003-10 (IRB 2003-3) Accrual of gross income; customer disputes liability; mistake in sales invoice.
Rev. Rul. 2003-8 (IRB 2003-3) Costa Rican income tax; withholding taxes; noncreditable.
Rev. Rul. 2003-6 (IRB 2003-3) Employee stock ownership plans; delayed effective date; abuse; ESOP.
Rev. Rul. 2003-1 (IRB 2003-3) Constructive sales; reestablished positions; Sec. 1259(c)(3)(A).
Rev. Rul. 2003-3 (IRB 2003-2) Accrual of income; state tax refunds; local income or franchise tax; Rev. Ruls. 65-190 and 69-372 revoked; Rev. Proc. 2002-9 modified and amplified.

Revenue Procedures

Rev. Proc. 2003-86 (IRB 2003-50) Professional employer organizations; employee leasing; plan qualification; transitional rules for defined contribution plans; Rev. Proc. 2002-21 amplified.
Rev. Proc. 2003-85 (IRB 2003-49) Cost-of-living adjustments; COLA; tax rate tables; standard deduction; personal exemption; more.
Rev. Proc. 2003-84 (IRB 2003-48) Sec. 706(a); optional election to make monthly computations; investments in tax-exempt obligations; Rev. Proc. 2002-68 modified and superseded.
Rev. Proc. 2003-82 (IRB 2003-47) Low-income housing credit tenant income certifications; safe harbor; Sec. 42.
Rev. Proc. 2003-80 (IRB 2003-45) Per diem allowances; optional rules for amount of deductible meals and incidental expenses; travel away from home; Rev. Proc. 2002-63 superseded.
Rev. Proc. 2003-79 (IRB 2003-45) Annual accounting periods; partnerships; S corporations; election; income attributable to short taxable year ending on or after May 10, 2002 and before June 1, 2004; Rev. Procs. 2002-38 and 2002-39 modified.
Rev. Proc. 2003-75 (IRB 2003-45) Automobile owners and lessees; trucks and vans; limitations on depreciation for 2003; lease inclusion amount for 2003; luxury automobile; maximum value of employer-provided vehicles for cents-per-mile valuation rule; Rev. Procs. 2001-19 and 2002-14 amplified.
Rev. Proc. 2003-77 (IRB 2003-44) Penalties; substantial understatement; guidance as to adequate disclosure; understatement of income tax; Sec. 6662(d) and 6694(a).
Rev. Proc. 2003-76 (IRB 2003-43) Optional standard mileage rates; 2004; 37.5 cents per mile for business; 14 cents for charitable; 14 cents for moving and medical; simultaneous use of autos.
Rev. Proc. 2003-74 (IRB 2003-43) Sec. 6103; 6104; copies of returns; return information; Rev. Procs. 66-3, 84-71, 85-56, 87-21, 94-52 and 97-11 revoked.
Rev. Proc. 2003-72 (IRB 2003-38) EP determination letters; extension of application deadline for certain pre-approved plans; Rev. Procs. 2000-20, 2002-29, and 2003-44 modified.
Rev. Proc. 2003-71 (IRB 2003-36) Procedure for submitting offer in compromise; form and content of offer; offer accepted; Rev. Proc. 96-38 obsoleted.
Rev. Proc. 2003-68 (IRB 2003-34) Options; safe harbor valuation; expected term; recalculate options under certain conditions; Rev. Procs. 2002-13 and 2002-45 revoked.
Rev. Proc. 2003-64 (IRB 2003-32) Final withholding foreign partnership (WP); withholding foreign trust(WT) agreements; Notice 2001-4 superseded; Rev. Proc. 2000-12 modified.
Rev. Proc. 2003-63 (IRB 2003-32) Sec. 167; 168; Depreciation of cable television distribution systems; node and fiber optic cable; Rev. Proc. 2002-9 modified and amplified.
Rev. Proc. 2003-62 (IRB 2003-32) Sec. 442; Changes in accounting period; automatic approval for individuals; Rev. Proc. 66-50 and 81-40 modified and superseded.
Rev. Proc. 2003-61 (IRB 2003-32) Sec. 66(c); 6015(f); community income; innocent spouse relief; Rev. Proc. 2000-15 superseded.
Rev. Proc. 2003-60 (IRB 2003-31) Sample testamentary charitable remainder annuity trust; CRAT; with concurrent and consecutive interests for two measuring lives.
Rev. Proc. 2003-59 (IRB 2003-31) Sample testamentary charitable remainder annuity trust; CRAT; with consecutive interests for two measuring lives.
Rev. Proc. 2003-58 (IRB 2003-31) Sample testamentary charitable remainder annuity trust; CRAT; for a term of years.
Rev. Proc. 2003-57 (IRB 2003-31) Sample testamentary charitable remainder annuity trust; CRAT; one measuring life.
Rev. Proc. 2003-56 (IRB 2003-31) Sample inter vivos charitable remainder annuity trust; CRAT; concurrent and consecutive interests for two measuring lives.
Rev. Proc. 2003-55 (IRB 2003-31) Sample inter vivos charitable remainder annuity trust; CRAT; consecutive interests for two measuring lives.
Rev. Proc. 2003-54 (IRB 2003-31) Sample inter vivos charitable remainder annuity trust; CRAT; one measuring life.
Rev. Proc. 2003-53 (IRB 2003-31) Sample inter vivos charitable remainder annuity trust; CRAT; term of years annuity period.
Rev. Proc. 2003-51 (IRB 2003-29) Inventories; fair market value determinations; inventory items acquired on purchase of assets of business for lump sum; acquisition of stock made pursuant to Sec. 338 election; Rev. Proc. 77-12 amplified, modified, and superseded.
Rev. Proc. 2003-50 (IRB 2003-29) 30% additional first year depreciation; additional time to deduct, or elect not to deduct; automatic extension; Section 179 expense election; New York Liberty Zone property; Rev. Procs. 2002-9 and 2002-33 amplified and modified.
Rev. Proc. 2003-48 (IRB 2003-29) Sec. 355; update of Sec. 355 checklist questionnaire; Rev. Proc. 96-30 modified and amplified; Rev. Proc. 2003-2 modified.
Rev. Proc. 2003-45 (IRB 2003-27) LIFO; methods of accounting; automatic consent; invetory price index computation; Rev. Proc. 2002-9 modified.
Rev. Proc. 2003-44 (IRB 2003-25) Correction programs; retirement plans; administrative programs; Rev. Proc. 2002-47 modified and superseded.
Rev. Proc. 2003-41 (IRB 2003-25) Fast Track Mediation program; FTM; expedite case resolution.
Rev. Proc. 2003-40 (IRB 2003-25) Fast Track Settlement program; FTS; expedite case resolution.
Rev. Proc. 2003-38 (IRB 2003-24) Commercial revitalization deduction; rehabilitated building placed in service in renewal community; allocation by state; election to recover cost using more accelerated method.
Rev. Proc. 2003-43 (IRB 2003-23) Late S corporation elections; Electing Small Business Trust; ESBT; Qualified Subchapter S Trust; QSST; Qualified Subschapter S Subsidiary; QSub; Rev. Proc. 98-55 superseded.
Rev. Proc. 2003-42 (IRB 2003-23) Sample QPRT; qualified personal residence trust; sample declaration of trust; Sec. 2702.
Rev. Proc. 2003-35 (IRB 2003-20) Like-kind exchanges; Sec. 1031; LKE programs; safe harbor rules; ongoing exchanges of tangible personal property using a single intermediary.
Rev. Proc. 2003-35 (IRB 2003-20) Guidance on gaming industry tipping agreement program; tip compliance agreement.
Rev. Proc. 2003-36 (IRB 2003-18) Guidance on parties to submit issues for consideration under Industry Issue Resolution (IIR) Program; Notice 2002-20 superseded.
Rev. Proc. 2003-34 (IRB 2003-18) Changes in accounting period; approval; annual accounting period; carryback of net operating loss or capital loss generated in short taxable year. Rev. Procs. 2002-37 and 2002-39 modified.
Rev. Proc. 2003-33 (IRB 2003-16) Sec. 338; extensions of time to file election; Form 8023.
Rev. Proc. 2003-27 (IRB 2003-13) Small cash transactions involving rental of taxicabs on a daily shift basis; information reporting; Sec. 6050I.
Rev. Proc. 2003-26 (IRB 2003-13) Sec. 911(d)(1); failure to meet eligibility requirements; adverse conditions in a foreign country.
Rev. Proc. 2003-25 (IRB 2003-11) Transactions with significant book-tax difference; exception; reportable transaction; Sec. 1.6011-4(b)(5).
Rev. Proc. 2003-24 (IRB 2003-11) Exceptions from loss transactions; certain losses not taken into account for reportable transaction for disclosure purposes; Sec. 1.6011-4(b)(5).
Rev. Proc. 2003-23 (IRB 2003-11) Corporation S status; S election not terminated; direct rollover of stock in ESOP to IRA.
Rev. Proc. 2003-22 (IRB 2003-10) Standard meal rates for family day care providers; optional meal and snack rates; food provided to eligible children.
Rev. Proc. 2003-9 (IRB 2003-8) Taxpayer identification number (TIN) matching program; permitting payors to verify; Rev. Proc. 97-31 modified.
Rev. Proc. 2003-21 (IRB 2003-6) Exempt organizations other than private foundations; relief from filing Form 990; $25,000 in annual gross receipts; Rev. Proc. 83-23 supplemented.
Rev. Proc. 2003-20 (IRB 2003-6) Inventories; lower of cost or market; rebuilt parts; vehicle parts cores; safe harbor method of accounting; Rev. Proc. 2002-9 modified and amplified.
Rev. Proc. 2003-19 (IRB 2003-5) Administrative appeal; rights of former spouse; innocent spouse.
Rev. Proc. 2003-14 (IRB 2003-4) Indian tribal government trusts for minors; save harbor; IGRA; Rev. Proc. 2003-3 amplified
Rev. Proc. 2003-16 (IRB 2003-4) 60-day rollover requirement; waiver; Sec. 402(c)(3); Sec. 408(d)(3).
Rev. Proc. 2003-13 (IRB 2003-4) Deemed IRAs; EGTRRA; Sec. 408(q).
Rev. Proc. 2003-11 (IRB 2003-4) Offshore Voluntary Compliance Initiative; underreported income; offshore financial arrangements; offshore payment cards.
Rev. Proc. 2003-10 (IRB 2003-2) Minimum distributions; delayed amendment date for defined benefit plans; EGTRRA remedial amendment; qualified defined benefit plans; Rev. Proc. 2002-29 modified.
Rev. Proc. 2003-8 (IRB 2003-1) User fees for employee plans and exempt organizations; letter rulings; determination letters; tax exempt and government entities; Rev. Proc. 2002-8 superseded.
Rev. Proc. 2003-7 (IRB 2003-1) Areas in which advance rulings or determination letters will not be issued; Associate Chief Counsel (International); Rev. Proc. 2002-7 superseded.
Rev. Proc. 2003-6 (IRB 2003-1) Employee plan determination letters; revised procedures; Sec. 401(a), 403(a), 409, 4975; Rev. Proc. 2002-6 superseded.
Rev. Proc. 2003-5 (IRB 2003-1) Technical advice; revised procedures; tax exempt organizations; employee plans; Rev. Proc. 2002-5 superseded.
Rev. Proc. 2003-4 (IRB 2003-1) Rulings and information letters; issuance procedures; tax exempt; Rev. Proc. 2002-4 superseded.
Rev. Proc. 2003-3 (IRB 2003-1) Areas in which rulings or determination letters will not be issued; revised list. Rev. Procs. 2002-3 and 2002-75 superseded; 2002-22 modified.
Rev. Proc. 2003-2 (IRB 2003-1) Technical advice; revised procedures; corporate; financial institutions & products; income tax & accounting; international; passthroughs and special industries; procedure and administration; tax exempt and government.
Rev. Proc. 2003-1 (IRB 2003-1) Letter rulings; determination letters; revised procedures; corporate; financial institutions & products; income tax & accounting; international; passthroughs and special industries; procedure and administration; tax exempt and government.



T.D. 9098 (IRB 2003-52) Sec. 1501; REG-153319-03; REG-132760-03; T.D. 9089; guidance how member of consolidated group reduces tax attributes; discharge of indebtedness income; exclusion from gross income under Sec. 108.
T.D. 9094 (IRB 2003-50) Sec. 6031(a); REG-115472-03; final, temporary and proposed regulations; partnership income tax reporting; partnerships whose income is primarily from tax-exempt bonds.
T.D. 9095 (IRB 2003-49) Sec. 461; final, temporary and proposed; contested liability; transfer of note or promise to provide services; REG-136890-02.
T.D. 9093 (IRB 2003-48) Sec. 7701; entity classification of certain foreign business entities; grandfather status.
T.D. 9092 (IRB 2003-46) Sec. 61; split-dollar life insurance; Sec. 7872.
T.D. 9091 (IRB 2003-44) Sec. 168; 1400L; REG-157164-02; final, temporary, and proposed regulations; additional first year depreciation allowance; requirements for property to qualify.
T.D. 9090 (IRB 2003-43) Sec. 448; nonaccrual-experience method; performance of services; Notice 2003-12 obsoleted; Rev. Proc. 2002-9 modified.
T.D. 9089 (IRB 2003-43) Sec. 1502; 108; consolidated group; reduction of tax attributes; discharge of indebtedness excluded; COD.
T.D. 9088 (IRB 2003-42) Sec. 482; stock-based compensation; intangible development costs; qualified cost sharing arrangement.
T.D. 9086 (IRB 2003-41) Sec. 7122; user fee for processing of offer in compromise; $150; effective November 1, 2003.
T.D. 9085 (IRB 2003-41) Sec. 148; 141; definition of investment-type property; private loan for arbitrage; private activity restrictions; tax-exempt bonds; natural gas; electricity prepayment.
T.D. 9084 (IRB 2003-40) Sec. 1503; recapture of dual consolidated losses.
T.D. 9083 (IRB 2003-40) Sec. 280G; golden parachute payments.
T.D. 9080 (IRB 2003-40) Sec. 108; 381; 1017; distributor or transferor corporation; cancellation of debt income exclusion; COD; tax attributes; basis of property.
T.D. 9077 (IRB 2003-39) Sec. 2519; amount treated as a transfer when right to recover gift tax under Sec. 2207A; QTIP; qualified terminable interest property.
T.D. 9075 (IRB 2003-39) Sec. 457; deferred compensation plans; state and local government; tax-exempt entities.
T.D. 9074 (IRB 2003-39) Sec. 66; community income for certain married individuals in community property states who do not file joint returns.
T.D. 9076 (IRB 2003-38) Sec. 417; requirement of written explanations of certain benefits to be provided by qualified retirement plans after annuity starting date.
T.D. 9071 (IRB 2003-38) Sec. 338; REG-143679-02; election under 338(h)(10); step transaction; multi-step transaction; reorganization; qualified stock purchase.
T.D. 9072 (IRB 2003-37) Sec. 414(v); retirement plans; catch-up contributions; age 50 or older; sections 401(k), 408(p), 408(k), 403(b), 457 affected; SIMPLE IRA, simplified employee pensions, tax sheltered annuity contracts, governmental plans.
T.D. 9069 (IRB 2003-37) Sec. 280F; REG-138495-02; dollar limits on depreciation; light trucks and vans; passenger automobile; qualified nonpersonal use vehicles.
T.D. 9068 (IRB 2003-37) Sec. 2055; qualification of charitable guaranteed annuity and unitrust interests; Rev. Rul. 76-225 revoked.
T.D. 9066 (IRB 2003-36) Sec. 367; antiabuse regulations; scope of rule; outbound transfers to foreign corporation; complete liquidation of domestic corporation.
T.D. 9065 (IRB 2003-36) Sec. 6038; U.S. partner; filing requirements; Form 8865; foreign partnership.
T.D. 9064 (IRB 2003-36) Sec. 274; substantiation of incidental expenses paid or incurred while traveling away from home; allowance in lieu of substantiating actual cost.
T.D. 9063 (IRB 2003-36) Sec. 382; REG-108676-03; loss corporations; ownership change; carryforward; qualified trust; distribution of interest.
T.D. 9067 (IRB 2003-32) Sec. 83; REG-116914-03; clarify and amend regulations to address transfers of compensatory stock options to related persons; not arm's length transaction.
T.D. 9062 (IRB 2003-28) Sec. 752; REG-106736-00; assumption of partner's liability by a partnership; reduction in outside basis.
T.D. 9061 (IRB 2003-27) Sec. 6081; REG-107618-02; final, temporary and proposed; automatic extension of time to file certain information returns and exempt organization returns; signature and explanation requirement.
T.D. 9059 (IRB 2003-26) Sec. 755; partnerships; allocation of basis adjustments among partnership assets.
T.D. 9057 (IRB 2003-22) Sec. 1502; 382; consolidated return; acquisition of subsidiary; election to waive subsidiary's loss carryovers from separate return limitation year (SRLY).
T.D. 9056 (IRB 2003-21) Sec. 408; new method used for calculating the net income attributable to an IRA contribution distributed as a returned contribution.
T.D. 9055 (IRB 2003-21) Sec. 3406; 6724: method of determining whether a payer has received two IRS notices that a payee's identification number (TIN) is incorrect for backup withholding.
T.D. 9054 (IRB 2003-20) Sec. 6103; return disclosure by IRS employees.
T.D. 9053 (IRB 2003-20) Sec. 6695; 6107; temporary and proposed regulations (REG-141659-02) electronic filing by return preparers.
T.D. 9052 (IRB 2003-19) Sec. 4980F; notification requirements under Sec. 204(h) of ERISA.
T.D. 9050 (IRB 2003-14) Sec. 7433; 7426; recovery of damages; willful violation of the automatic stay or discharge provisions.
T.D. 9044 (IRB 2003-14) Sec. 6103; contractors who engage in tax administration services; penalties for unauthorized disclosure of returns.
T.D. 9049 (IRB 2003-14) Sec. 705; 1032; guidance for making basis adjustments; direct or indirect interest in a partnership holding stock in that corporation.
T.D. 9046 (IRB 2003-12) Sec. 6011; 6012; disclosure requirements; reportable transactions; confidential corporate tax shelters; list maintenance.
T.D. 9045 (IRB 2003-12) Sec. 32; earned income credit.
T.D. 9043 (IRB 2003-12) Sec. 874; disallowance of deductions and credits for nonresident alien individuals and corporations; failure to file timely income tax return.
T.D. 9038 (IRB 2003-9) Sec. 368; REG-126485-01; statutory mergers and consolidations; domestic disregarded entity.
T.D. 9035 (IRB 2003-9) Sec. 1041; tax treatment of redemptions during marriage or incident to divorce of stock in a corporation owned by a spouse or former spouse.
T.D. 9041 (IRB 2003-8) Sec. 3406; taxpayer identification number (TIN) matching program.
T.D. 9031 (IRB 2003-8) Sec. 121; REG-1388882-02; temporary and proposed regulations; reduced maximum exclusion of gain from sale or exchange of property; 2 of preceding 5 years; exclusion of gain within preceding 2 years.
T.D. 9030 (IRB 2003-8) Sec. 121; exclusion of gain; sale or exchange of principal residence.
T.D. 9034 (IRB 2003-7) Sec. 25A; education tax credit; postsecondary educational expenses.
T.D. 9033 (IRB 2003-7) Sec. 6038; Final, temporary, proposed regulations; U.S. partner; Form 8865; foreign partnership.
T.D. 9032 (IRB 2003-7) Sec. 645; Election under; certain revocable trusts; treated and taxed as part of an estate; owned by grantor; Notice 2001-26; Rev. Proc. 98-13 obsoleted.
T.D. 9028 (IRB 2003-6) Sec. 7602(c); IRS employees; prohibition from contacting persons other than taxpayer for determination of collection of taxpayer's liability.
T.D. 9027 (IRB 2003-6) Sec. 6331; Prohibition of levy while installment agreement is pending.
T.D. 9026 (IRB 2003-5) Sec. 7526; Low income taxpayer clinics; LITCs; exclude from income tax return preparer definition under Sec. 7701(a)(36).
T.D. 9025 (IRB 2003-5) Sec. 446; Timing rules; intercompany transactions; method of accounting; Sec. 1.1502-13.


Proposed Regulations

REG-160330-02 (IRB 2003-51) Sec. 704; installment obligations; property acquired pursuant to contract under Sec. 704(c) and 737.
REG-110896-98 (IRB 2003-51) Sec. 664(b); characterizaton of distributions from charitable remainder trusts; reflecting changes made by recent tax law acts.
REG-146692-03 (IRB 2003-48) Sec. 103; qualified mortgage revenue bonds.
REG-146893-02 (IRB 2003-44) Sec. 482; REG-115037-00; controlled taxpayers; transfer of goods, services, intangibles or other items of value; arm's length amount in same or comparable transactions.
REG-108524-00 (IRB 2003-42) Sec. 1446; withholding tax liability of partnership with income that is effectively connected with U.S. trade or business; Rev. Procs. 89-31 and 92-66 obsoleted.
REG-106486-98 (IRB 2003-42) Sec. 1275; contingent payment debt instruments; nonfunctional currency.
REG-128203-02 (IRB 2003-41) Sec. 460; income tax consequences of certain partnership transactions; contracts accounted for under a long-term contract method of accounting.
REG-140378-01 (IRB 2003-41) Sec. 6334; property exempt from levy; judicial approval of certain principal residence levies; business assets.
REG-208199-91 (IRB 2003-40) Sec. 6503; use of designated summonses and related summonses; period of limitations on assessment.
REG-144908-02 (IRB 2003-38) Sec. 6302; additional exception to FUTA deposit requirements; $2,500 threshold for quarter.
REG-130262-03 (IRB 2003-37) Sec. 1502; rules for determining basis of stock of former common parent of consolidated group after group structure change; basis in fully taxable transaction to reflect the cost of the acquired stock.
REG-121122-03 (IRB 2003-37) Sec. 1042; guidance concerning notarized statement of purchase requirements; election to defer gain from stock sale to an employee stock ownership plan (ESOP).
REG-138499-02 (IRB 2003-37) Sec. 168; depreciation; use changes hands of same taxpayer; when use change occurs.
REG-209377-89 (IRB 2003-36) Sec. 465; at-risk limitations; amounts borrowed from person who has an interest in the activity other than that of a creditor; all activities subject to rule.
REG-112039-03 (IRB 2003-35) Sec. 411; amend 1.411(d)-4 to reflect addition of Sec. 411(d)(6)(E); 90-day notice.
REG-108639-99 (IRB 2003-35) Sec. 401(k); 401(m); retirement plans containing cash or deferred arrangements; matching contributions or employee after-tax contributions.
REG-129709-03 (IRB 2003-35) Sec. 409(p); T.D. 9081; employee stock ownership plans (ESOP) holding stock of Subchapter S corporations.
REG-133791-02 (IRB 2003-35) Sec. 41; tax credit for qualified research expenditures; research credit; allocating to members of controlled group; common control.
REG-141669-02 (IRB 2003-34) Sec. 6724; correction of a failure to file correct information return; promptness for waiving information reporting penalties.
REG-131997-02 (IRB 2003-33) Sec. 42; low income housing credit; Community Renewal Tax Relief Act of 2000.
REG-122917-02 (IRB 2003-27) Sec. 421; 422; 424; 6039; statutory stock options.
REG-157302-02 (IRB 2003-24) Sec. 408; accounts and annuities added to qualified employer plans; treated as individual retirement accounts.
REG-142605-02 (IRB 2003-23) Sec. 263A; 448; change in accounting method; adjustment under Sec. 481(a).
REG-113007-99 (IRB 2003-23) Sec. 141; definition of private activity bond applicable to tax-exempt bonds issued by state and local governments.
REG-164754-01 (IRB 2003-22) Sec. 61; valuation of economic benefits provided under split-dollar life insurance arrangement; income, gift, and employment tax consequences.
REG-131478-02 (IRB 2003-13) Sec. 1502; consolidated group; basis of stock of subsidiary member prior to transfer of stock or deconsolidation; final, temporary, proposed; T.D. 9048.
REG-103580-02 (IRB 2003-9) Sec. 721; noncompensatory options and convertible instruments issued by partnerships; Sec. 704(b); partners' distributive shares of partnership items.
REG-116641-01 (IRB 2003-8) Sec. 3406; 6724; taxpayer identification number (TIN) matching program; backup withholding; qualified payment card agent.
REG-126016-01 (IRB 2003-7) Sec. 6662; 6664; defenses to imposition of accuracy-related penalty; fail to disclose reportable transactions; reasonable cause.
REG-124069-02 (IRB 2003-7) Sec. 6038; Final, temporary, proposed regulations; U.S. partner; Form 8865; foreign partnership.
REG-125638-01 (IRB 2003-5) Sec. 263(a); Sec. 167(a); amortization of intangibles; safe harbor; debt issuance costs.
REG-151043-02 (IRB 2003-3) Sec. 61; deferring inclusion of advance rentals in gross income to a year other than the year of receipt.
REG-164464-02 (IRB 2003-2) Sec. 401, 411; cash balance plans; accruals and allocations; qualified retirement plans; REG-209500-86



Notice 2003-81 (IRB 2003-51) Sec. 1256; option; foreign currency; claiming a loss on assignement of a Sec. 1256 contract to a charity.
Notice 2003-79 (IRB 2003-50) Qualified dividends; 5%, 10% reduced tax rate on dividends; qualified foreign corporation; guidance to payers of distributions for Form 1099-DIV.
Notice 2003-78 (IRB 2003-50) Railroad Retirement Tax Act (RRTA) tax rates for 2004; tier 2
Notice 2003-75 (IRB 2003-50) Simplified reporting for Canadian registered retirement savings plans (RRSPs) and registered retirement income funds (RRIFs); Notices 97-34, 2003-25, and 2003-57 superseded.
Notice 2003-77 (IRB 2003-49) Sec. 461; transfer to trusts to provide satisfaction of contested liabilities; listed transaction.
Notice 2003-76 (IRB 2003-49) Sec. 6011; 6111; listed transactions; Notice 2001-51 supplemented and superseded.
Notice 2003-66 (IRB 2003-48) 2004 social security contribution and benefit base; domestic employee coverage threshold; FICA; OASDI.
Notice 2003-73 (IRB 2003-45) Sec. 415(d); Retirement plans; year 2004 limitations; cost-of-living; COLA; adjustments to dollar limits on benefits; qualified defined benefit pension plans; control employees; deferred compensation.
Notice 2003-72 (IRB 2003-44) Reg. Sec. 25.2702-3(e); service will follow decision in Walton (115 T.C. 589); example 5 of regulations is invalid.
Notice 2003-71 (IRB 2003-43) Sec. 1(h); dividends subject to capital gains rate; qualified foreign corporation; definition; readily tradable.
Notice 2003-69 (IRB 2003-42) Qualified dividends; taxed at reduced rates applicable to certain capital gains; qualified foreign corporation; eligible for benefits of comprehensive income tax treaty; list of treaties.
Notice 2003-68 (IRB 2003-41) Sec. 45D; qualified community development entity (CDE) loan purchases; qualified low-income community investment.
Notice 2003-65 (IRB 2003-40) Sec. 382; Alternative safe harbors; identification of built-in items; Notice 87-79 modified.
Notice 2003-67 (IRB 2003-40) Guidance to brokers and individuals for information reporting of payments in lieu of dividends.
Notice 2003-64 (IRB 2003-39) Investments through multiple CDEs; qualified community development entity; Sec. 45D; regulations to be amended.
Notice 2003-60 (IRB 2003-39) Collection issues; U.S. vs. Craft; federal tax lien attaches to property held as tenancy by the entirety.
Notice 2003-62 (IRB 2003-38) Mortality tables; retirement plans; Sec. 412(l).
Notice 2003-59 (IRB 2003-35) Uniform capitalization; methods of accounting; automatic approval to change to simplified service cost or simplified production method for self-constructed assets. Notice 2003-36 modified.
Notice 2003-57 (IRB 2003-34) Canadian retirement plans; circumstances under which Form 3520 or Form 3520-A may not be required for 2002.
Notice 2003-56 (IRB 2003-34) Sec. 1.45D-1T; amendment of regulations; equity investment prior to allocation; Community Development Financial Institutions Fund; new markets tax credit; qualified equity investment.
Notice 2003-55 (IRB 2003-34) Lease strips; Notice 95-53 modified and superseded.
Notice 2003-54 (IRB 2003-33) Tax shelter; common trust fund (CTF); invest in offsetting gain and loss positions in foreign currencies; listed transaction.
Notice 2003-51 (IRB 2003-33) Accompanies Rev. Rul. 2003-76; additional guidance prescribing tax treatment of partial exchanges of annuity contracts.
Notice 2003-52 (IRB 2003-32) Sec. 911; U.S. citizens earning income in Iraq; not subject to limitations of 911(d)(8)(A).
Notice 2003-50 (IRB 2003-32) Sec. 269B; stapled foreign corporation to domestic corporation; includible corporation under Sec. 1504(b) when applying Sec. 1.904(i)-1 and 1.861-11T(d)(6); Notice 89-94 modified.
Notice 2003-49 (IRB 2003-32) Sec. 401(b); EGTRRA remedial amendment period; employee plans' user fees; Notice 2002-1 amplified.
Notice 2003-47 (IRB 2003-30) Sec. 83: Nonstatutory stock options; transfer to related person in exchange for a long-term unsecured deferred payment obligation.
Notice 2003-45 (IRB 2003-29) Depreciation; mid-quarter convention; election for taxable year that includes September 11, 2001; election under Notice 2001-70; Notice 2001-74; automatic extension of time till December 31, 2003 to amend return.
Notice 2003-40 (IRB 2003-27) Sec. 1400L; clarification concerning tax-exempt qualified New York Libert bonds.
Notice 2003-38 (IRB 2003-27) Sec. 874; 882; compliance initiative for nonresident aliens and foreign corporations who have not filed U.S. income tax returns; denial of deductions.
Notice 2003-37 (IRB 2003-26) Sec. 6041; 6041A; optional procedure for payors using payment cards; payments reportable on Forms 1099; merchant category codes; MCC.
Notice 2003-36 (IRB 2003-23) Sec. 263A; uniform capitalization; types of property; eligible property for simplified service cost; simplified production methods; change in accounting method; Rev. Proc. 2002-9 suspended in part.
Notice 2003-34 (IRB 2003-23) Investment in purported insurance company organized offshore; hedge fund investments; passive foreign investment company.
Notice 2003-33 (IRB 2003-23) Sec. 645; termination of election period; trusts and estates of decedents dying before December 24, 2002.
Notice 2003-20 (IRB 2003-19) Sec. 457(b); withholding and reporting requirements; eligible deferred compensation plans; after December 31, 2001; Notice 2000-38 modified.
Notice 2003-26 (IRB 2003-18) Guidance Priority List; request for taxpayer submission.
Notice 2003-24 (IRB 2003-18) Canadian retirement plan trust reporting; extension of time; Forms 3520 and 3520-A; election under Rev. Proc. 2002-23.
Notice 2003-24 (IRB 2003-18) Sec. 419A(f)(5); collectively-bargained welfare plans; listed transactions; abusive arrangement.
Notice 2003-22 (IRB 2003-18) Abusive arrangement; unrelated conduit; domestic and foreign employee leasing company.
Notice 2003-21 (IRB 2003-17) Guidance on tax relief under Executive Order No. 12744; U.S. military and support personnel involved in military operations in Persian Gulf.
Notice 2003-19 (IRB 2003-14) Proper address for filing certain elections, statements, and other documents with the Service.
Notice 2003-18 (IRB 2003-14) Disaster relief grants; tax treatment of grant payments; Empire State Development Corporation.
Notice 2003-15 (IRB 2003-9) Safe harbor for determining finality of foreign adoptions; foreign-born children; adoption credit; exclusion of employer-provided assistance.
Notice 2003-13 (IRB 2003-8) Qualified payment card agent; QPCA; merchant's names.
Notice 2003-12 (IRB 2003-6) Sec. 448(d)(5); Nonaccrual experience method; guidance to taxpayers changing to or from; as amended; Rev. Proc. 2002-9 modified.
Notice 2003-11 (IRB 2003-6) Sec. 6011; 6012; Relief regards to effective dates of temporary regulations; tax shelter regulations.
Notice 2003-10 (IRB 2003-5) Sec. 411(d)(6)(B); Definition of early retirement benefits and retirement-type subsidies; Notice 2002-46 modified.
Notice 2003-9 (IRB 2003-5) Sec. 45D; Extension of deadline relating to certain equity investments; new markets tax credit.
Notice 2003-8 (IRB 2003-4) Sec. 6045; no information reporting required until further notice; securities futures contracts.
Notice 2003-6 (IRB 2003-3) Nondiscrimination rules; certain governmental plans; IRS intention to issue regulations; Sec. 414(d).
Notice 2003-4 (IRB 2003-3) LIFO recapture; failure to timely make installment payment; Sec. 1363(d).
Notice 2003-3 (IRB 2003-2) Guidance on methods of reporting required minimum distributions under Sec. 408; Notice 2002-27 clarified.
Notice 2003-2 (IRB 2003-2) Required minimum distributions; Sec. 1.401(a)(9)-6T.
Notice 2003-2 (IRB 2003-2) Leave-based donation programs; Notice 2001-69 modified and suspended.



Announcement 2003-87 (IRB 2003-51) Corrections to proposed regulations; REG-106486-98, IRB 2003-42; contingent debt instruments; foreign currency.
Announcement 2003-86 (IRB 2003-51) Corrections to temporary regulations; T.D. 9090, IRB 2003-43; Sec. 448; nonaccrual experience method of accounting.
Announcement 2003-85 (IRB 2003-51) Corrections to proposed regulations; REG-128203-02, IRB 2003-41; Sec. 460; partnership transactions; long-term contract method of accounting.
Announcement 2003-81 (IRB 2003-50) Final regulations T.D. 9078 corrections; Sec. 1361; qualified S corporation trust election for testamentary trust.
Announcement 2003-80 (IRB 2003-50) Proposed regulations REG-133791-02 corrections; Sec. 41; allocation of credit for increasing research activities for members of controlled group.
Announcement 2003-79 (IRB 2003-50) Proposed regulations concerning treatment of obligation-shifting transactions withdrawn; REG-209817-96 withdrawn.
Announcement 2003-78 (IRB 2003-48) Sec. 301.7701-3(h); proposed regulations withdrawn; classification of foreign entity; extraordinary transaction; REG-110385-99 partially withdrawn.
Announcement 2003-74 (IRB 2003-48) Suspension of federal tax exemption; Sec. 501(p); organizations designated as supporting terrorism; contributions not deductible.
Announcement 2003-68 (IRB 2003-45) Delay implementation of rolling renewals applicable to enrolled agents.
Announcement 2003-60 (IRB 2003-45) Sec. 280G; corrections to final regulations; T.D. 9083; golden parachute payments.
Announcement 2003-62 (IRB 2003-41) Income tax treaty; tax convention; United Kingdom; Australia; Mexico.
Announcement 2003-56 (IRB 2003-39) Reporting changes; capital gains; partnerships; S corporations; estates; trusts.
Announcement 2003-49 (IRB 2003-32) Annual accounting periods; automatic approval; individuals changing to calendar year.
Announcement 2003-47 (IRB 2003-29) Changes to Form 8873 Extraterritorial Income Exclusion.
Announcement 2003-45 (IRB 2003-28) Sec. 3406; backup withholding rate; reduction.
Announcement 2003-44 (IRB 2003-26) Correction of typographical error; Rev. Rul. 2003-50.
Announcement 2003-40 (IRB 2003-26) IRS testing changes under Section 32; qualifying child eligibility under Earned Income Credit.
Announcement 2003-37 (IRB 2003-24) IRS considering publishing notice of proposed rulemaking; amount of liability a transferee of property is treated as assuming in connection with a transfer of property.
Announcement 2003-35 (IRB 2003-21) Notice of proposed rulemaking (REG-100420-03); safe harbor; financial statement-tax conformity; valuation of certain securities; Sec. 475.
Announcement 2003-33 (IRB 2003-21) New Form 8876; Excise Tax on Structured Settlement Factoring Transactions; Sec. 5891.
Announcement 2003-29 (IRB 2003-20) Public commment requrested on Sec. 501(c)(3) organizations; international grant-making; diversion of assets.
Announcement 2003-21 (IRB 2003-17) Dutch agreement on pension funds.
Announcement 2003-24 (IRB 2003-16) Corrections to proposed regulations; REG-131478-02; redetermine basis of stock in subsidiary member of consolidated group; disposition of stock.
Announcement 2003-23 (IRB 2003-16) Corrections to fnal and temporary regulations; T.D. 9048; basis of stock in subsidiary member of consolidated group; deconsolidations; disposition of stock; suspend certain losses.
Announcement 2003-17 (IRB 2003-15) Publication 538, Accounting Periods and Methods; revised March 2003 available.
Announcement 2003-19 (IRB 2003-15) Advance Pricing Agreements (APAs); structure of program.
Announcement 2003-18 (IRB 2003-13) Sec. 7508A; relief from interest and penalties; decedents' estates; September 11, 2001 terrorist attack.
Announcement 2003-16 (IRB 2003-12) Corrections to final regulations (T.D. 9021); loans made from a qualified plan to plan participants or beneficiaries.
Announcement 2003-13 (IRB 2003-11) Form 5310; Application for Determination for Terminating Plan; revised form; determination letter for terminating qualified employee benefit plan.
Announcement 2003-11 (IRB 2003-10) Corrections to temporary regulations (T.D. 9022); Sec. 6043(c); information reporting by corporation; control of corporation acquired; recapitalization of corporation or substantial change in capital structure.
Announcement 2003-9 (IRB 2003-7) Sec. 302; 304; REG-150313-01; basis of redeemed stock when a distribution in redemption is treated as a dividend.
Announcement 2003-8 (IRB 2003-6) Corrections to final regulations T.D. 9002; agent for subsidiaries of affiliated group filing a consolidated return.
Announcement 2003-7 (IRB 2003-6) Acquisitions of control and substantial changes in corporate structure; information reporting; Form 1099-CAP; relief in 2002; substitute to form.
Announcement 2003-5 (IRB 2003-5) Advance notice; proposed regulations; Circular 230; standards practices of attorneys; CPAs, etc.
Announcement 2003-4 (IRB 2003-5) Correction to Rev. Proc. 2003-7.
Announcement 2003-3 (IRB 2003-4) Names of neutrals qualified by Service and Chief Counsel; arbitrators; contingent liability transaction; Rev. Proc. 2002-67.
Announcement 2003-1 (IRB 2003-2) Technical advice cases; proposed cash balance regulations; age discrimination.


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