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Signs of a Business in Trouble


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It's not unusual for owners to be the last to realize their business is in trouble. Employees, suppliers, customers, and friends and family may notice a problem long before you do. While the best approach is to perform a thorough financial analysis--comparing this year to last, reviewing financial and operating ratios, comparing your performance to the industry, etc.--there are some telltale signs. Your business ok? You can use many of the indicators below to spot troubles at suppliers or customers.

If you spot one or more of these signs, take action quickly. Determine if it's a short-term issue that will turn around or a shift in the market where pressure will continue. You might be able to handle the situation yourself, but professional help should be considered. A couple of hours with your accountant or financial advisor might save your business. If part of the problem is insufficient cash to make required payments on a loan, you should talk to your accountant and the lender.


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