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Note. The list below contains a synopses of selected revenue rulings, revenue procedures, notices, announcements and regulations beginning with those issued January 1, 2008. The list is limited to those items we believe to be of interest to small to mid-sized businesses, their advisors, CPAs, etc. Rulings, etc. dealing with banks, insurance companies, foreign operations, nonprofits, exotic transactions, etc. are generally excluded. For a similar listing for prior years, go to:

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We've included the IRB (Internal Revenue Bulletin) reference so you can find the full text on the IRS web site. We've tried to make the list as searchable as possible while keeping the descriptions short. Use the "find-in-page" or "find" feature of your browser to search this list. Be sure to try variations of keywords such as "activities" as well as "activity"; "depreciation" as well as "depreciate". You can download any Bulletin at the IRS website. The Applicable Federal Rate and interest rates on over- and underpayments are updated on our IRS Interest Rates page or, for more details go to the IRS AFR page


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Cumulative Listings - 2008

Revenue Rulings

Rev. Rul. 2008-54 (IRB 2008-52) Interest rates; underpayments and overpayments; quarter beginning October 1, 2008; 5 percent on noncorporate.
Rev. Rul. 2008-52 (IRB 2008-49) Sec. 1274A; inflation adjusted numbers for 2009; debt instruments; nonpublicly traded property; OID; qualified debt instrument; cash method debt instrument; Rev. Rul. 2008-3 supplemented and superseded.
Rev. Rul. 2008-47 (IRB 2008-39) Interest rates; underpayments and overpayments; quarter beginning October 1, 2008; 6 percent on noncorporate.
Rev. Rul. 2008-48 (IRB 2008-38) Fringe benefits aircraft valuation formula; SIFL; Standard Industry Fare Level; July 1-Dec. 31 2008.
Rev. Rul. 2008-45 (IRB 2008-34) Exclusive benefit rule; transfer of plan ownership; controlled groups; Sec. 401; violation on transfer of sponsorship of retirement plan; transfer of business assets.
Rev. Rul. 2008-44 (IRB 2008-32) Special use value; farms; 2008 interest rates; election under Sec. 2032A; estates.
Rev. Rul. 2008-39 (IRB 2008-31) Characterization of management fees paid by upper-tier partnership and by lower-tier trader partnerships to respective managers; Sec. 162, 212.
Rev. Rul. 2008-38 (IRB 2008-31) Limited partner's distributive share of interest; interest attributable to indebtedness allocable to property held for investment; Sec. 163(d)(5)(A)(ii); limited partner's adjusted gross income; Announcement 2008-65; Rev. Rul. 2008-12 amplified.
Rev. Rul. 2008-42 (IRB 2008-30) S corporation; life insurance contract; accumulated adjustments account; AAA; Sec. 1368; premiums paid by S corporation employer-owned life insurance contract; benefits received by reason of death of insured.
Rev. Rul. 2008-41 (IRB 2008-30) Charitable remainder trust; CRT; dividing a charitable remainder trust into two or more separate and equal CRTs; Sec. 664; 1015; 1223; 507(a)(1); 4941; 4945; 4947; not a sale; basis; termination; self-dealing.
Rev. Rul. 2008-40 (IRB 2008-30) Sec. 401(a); transfer of amounts; nonqualified foreign trust; transition relief; distribution; Puerto Rico Code; Rev. Rul. 67-213 amplified.
Rev. Rul. 2008-36 (IRB 2008-30) Low-income housing credit; satisfactory bond; bond factor; January through September 2008; dispose of buildings.
Rev. Rul. 2008-35 (IRB 2008-29) Transfer tax valuation of interest; restricted management account; RMA; reduction or discount in valuation; RMA agreement.
Rev. Rul. 2008-34 (IRB 2008-28) Law school loan repayment assistance programs; LRAP; Loan Repayment Assistance Program; Sec. 108(f)(1); student loan.
Rev. Rul. 2008-32 (IRB 2008-27) Corporations; outside direction definition; Sec. 162(m); interim chief executive officer.
Rev. Rul. 2008-31 (IRB 2008-26) Interests in notional principal contracts; index based on data from broad range of U.S. real estate; not U.S. real property interests.
Rev. Rul. 2008-27 (IRB 2008-26) Interest rates; underpayments and overpayments; quarter beginning July 1, 2008; 5 percent on noncorporate.
Rev. Rul. 2008-29 (IRB 2008-24) Supplemental wages; income tax withholding; Rev. Ruls. 66-294 and 67-131 obsoleted.
Rev. Rul. 2008-26 (IRB 2008-21) Medicaid rebates; pharmaceutical manufacturer; adjustments to sales price in calculating gross receipts; Rev. Rul. 2005-28 clarified and superseded.
Rev. Rul. 2008-25 (IRB 2008-21) Sec. 338; integrated transaction; stock of a target corporation acquired in taxable reverse subsidiary merger followed by liquidation of target; step transaction doctrine.
Rev. Rul. 2008-23 (IRB 2008-18) Employee leasing arrangements; Sec. 274; who incurs limitation on deduction for meal expenses when trucking company leases drivers; leasing company reimburses drivers for meal and incidental expenses.
Rev. Rul. 2008-22 (IRB 2008-16) Substitution power; corpus of inter vivos trust includible in grantor's gross estate; Sec. 2036; 2038; grantor retention of power to substitute other property of equivalent value.
Rev. Rul. 2008-21 (IRB 2008-15) Low-income housing credit; satisfactory bond; bond factor; January through June 2008.
Rev. Rul. 2008-18 (IRB 2008-13) S corporation; qualified subchapter S subsidiary; QSub; reorganization pursuant to Sec. 368(a)(1)(F); newly formed holding company; no new S election; new EIN; Rev. Rul. 64-250 amplified.
Rev. Rul. 2008-10 (IRB 2008-13) Interest rates; underpayments and overpayments; quarter beginning April 1, 2008; 6 percent on noncorporate.
Rev. Rul. 2008-16 (IRB 2008-11) S corporations; charitable contributions of appreciated property; deduction not to exceed shareholder's share pro rata share of FMV over share of contributed property's adjusted tax basis.
Rev. Rul. 2008-14 (IRB 2008-11) Fringe benefits aircraft valuation formula; SIFL; Standard Industry Fare Level.
Rev. Rul. 2008-13 (IRB 2008-10) qualified performance-based compensation; termination without cause or for good reason; voluntary retirement.
Rev. Rul. 2008-12 (IRB 2008-10) Applicaion of Section 163(d) to limited partners in a trader partnership; noncorporated limited partners; material participation.
Rev. Rul. 2008-7 (IRB 2008-7) Accrued benefits; cash balance defined benefit pension plans; Sec. 411; lump sum-based benefit.
Rev. Rul. 2008-8 (IRB 2008-5) Risk shifting; risk distribution; insurance; cell captive guidance.
Rev. Rul. 2008-6 (IRB 2008-3) Indian Housing Block GrantProgram; IHBG; rental assistance payments made to a building owner; not grants made with respect to a building.
Rev. Rul. 2008-5 (IRB 2008-3) Loss from wash sales of stock or securities; stock or securities held in individual name vs. held in IRA or Roth IRA; loss disallowed; basis in IRA not increased.
Rev. Rul. 2008-3 (IRB 2008-2) Inflation adjusted numbers for 2008; Sec. 1274A; qualified debt instrument; cash method debt instrument; debt instruments issued for property; Rev. Rul. 2007-4 supplemented and superseded.
Rev. Rul. 2008-1 (IRB 2008-2) Foreign currency exchange traded notes; treated as debt for U.S. federal tax purposes even when initial investment and repayment made in U.S. dollars.


Revenue Procedures

Rev. Proc. 2008-68 (IRB 2008-52) Sec. 305; treatment of stock distribution by a publicly traded real estate investment trust; REIT; shareholder election to receive money or stock; aggregate limitation on money to be distributed.
Rev. Proc. 2008-72 (IRB 2008-50) 2009 optional standard mileage rate; 55 cents per mile business; 24 cents per mile medical or moving; rules for substantiating deductible expenses; Rev. Proc. 2007-70 and Announcement 2008-63 superseded.
Rev. Proc. 2008-66 (IRB 2008-45) Cost of living adjustments for 2009; COLA; tax brackets; personal exemption; standard deduction; gift tax exclusion; estate tax.
Rev. Proc. 2008-65 (IRB 2008-44) Sec. 168(k)(4); election to forgo additional first-year depreciation and accelerate pre-2006 research and alternative minimum tax credits; property eligible for election; computation of increased amounts of business credit limitation and alternative minimum tax credit limitation.
Rev. Proc. 2008-60 (IRB 2008-43) Former Sec. 42; surety bond; Treasury Direct Account; TDA; discontinuance.
Rev. Proc. 2008-63 (IRB 2008-42) Sec. 1058; transfer of securities under requirements of Sec. 1058(b); default of transferee; use of collateral; purchase of identical shares.
Rev. Proc. 2008-62 (IRB 2008-42) Defined benefit plan; procedure to request use of plan-specific substitute mortality tables; Rev. Proc. 2007-37 updated.
Rev. Proc. 2008-61 (IRB 2008-42) Sec. 409A; areas where rulings will not be issued; Rev. Proc. 2008-3 modified and amplified.
Rev. Proc. 2008-59 (IRB 2008-41) Business expenses; traveling away from home; reimbursements; per diem rate; deemed substantiated; recordkeeping; Rev. Proc. 2004-63 superseded.
Rev. Proc. 2008-58 (IRB 2008-41) Guidance with respect to settlement offers involving auction rate securities.
Rev. Proc. 2008-57 (IRB 2008-41) Sec. 42; unused housing credit carryover allocation to qualified states.
Rev. Proc. 2008-54 (IRB 2008-38) Sec. 179; increased amount for 2008; Economic Stimulus Act of 2008; 50% additional first-year depreciation; Rev. Proc. 2007-66 modified and superseded; Notice 2007-36 clarified, modified, and amplified.
Rev. Proc. 2008-52 (IRB 2008-36) Procedures for automatic consent for specifically identified changes in methods of accounting described in Appendix; Rev. Proc. 2001-10 modified and amplified; Rev. Proc. 2002-9 clarified, modified, and amplified; Rev. Proc. 2002-28 modified and amplified; Rev. Proc. 2007-14 superseded; Rev. Proc. 2008-43 modified.
Rev. Proc. 2008-48 (IRB 2008-36) Treatment of child of divorced, separated, or living apart parents; dependent of both parents; release of claim of personal exemption; Sec. 105(b); 106(a); 132(h)(2)(B); 220(d)(2); 223(d)(2).
Rev. Proc. 2008-51 (IRB 2008-35) Applicable high yield discount obligation; AHYDO; debt instrument issued by a corporation pursuant to a binding agreement; Secs. 163(e)(5), 163(i).
Rev. Proc. 2008-50 (IRB 2008-35) Sponsors of retirement plans; comprehensive system of correction programs; Secs. 401(a), 403(a), 403(b), 408(k), 408(p); Employee Plans Compliance Resolution System; EPCRS; Rev. Proc. 2006-27 modified and superseded; Rev. Proc. 2007-49, section 3 modified and superseded.
Rev. Proc. 2008-47 (IRB 2008-31) Changes to certain subprime mortgage loans; securitization vehicles holding the loans; Rev. Proc. 2007-72 amplified and superseded.
Rev. Proc. 2008-46 (IRB 2008-30) Sample testamentary charitable lead unitrust; CLUT; sample form; annotations; alternate provisions.
Rev. Proc. 2008-45 (IRB 2008-30) Sample inter vivos nongrantor and grantor charitable lead unitrusts forms; CLUTs; annotations to sample trusts; alternate provisions.
Rev. Proc. 2008-44 (IRB 2008-30) Form 1042-S; Foreign Person's U.S. Source Income Subject to Withholding; electronic filing; Rev. Proc. 2006-34 superseded.
Rev. Proc. 2008-43 (IRB 2008-30) Inventory valuation; rolling average method used for financial accounting purposes; clearly reflecting income for tax purposes; safe harbors; Rev. Ruls. 71-234 and 77-480 modified; Rev. Proc. 2002-9 modified and amplified.
Rev. Proc. 2008-35 (IRB 2008-29) Tax return preparers; format and content of consents to use and disclose information with respect to From 1040 series; electronic signatures; disclosure of social security number; SSN; outside U.S.; Rev. Proc. 2008-12 modified and superseded.
Rev. Proc. 2008-31 (IRB 2008-23) Advance pricing agreement; APA; Rev. Proc. 2006-9 modified.
Rev. Proc. 2008-30 (IRB 2008-23) Electronic filing; 2008 form specifications; changes to Publication 1220; Rev. Proc. 2007-51 superseded.
Rev. Proc. 2008-28 (IRB 2008-23) Changes to residential mortgage loans; securitization vehicles holding the loans; modifications; prohibited transaction.
Rev. Proc. 2008-29 (IRB 2008-22) 2009 inflation adjusted amounts for Health Savings Accounts; HSAs; Sec. 223.
Rev. Proc. 2008-27 (IRB 2008-21) Simplified method to request relief for certain late filings under Sections 897 and 1445.
Rev. Proc. 2008-26 (IRB 2008-21) Sec. 956(c)(2)(j); readily marketable security definition.
Rev. Proc. 2008-20 (IRB 2008-20) Obligation of material advisors; prepare and maintain lists; reportable transactions; Sec. 6112; Form 13976.
Rev. Proc. 2008-25 (IRB 2008-13) Payroll tax liabilities for compensation including bonuses and vacation pay; accrual method taxpayers; safe harbor method; rules for obtaining automatic consent; Rev. Proc. 2002-9 modified and amplified.
Rev. Proc. 2008-24 (IRB 2008-13) Sec. 1035; 72; partial exchange of annuity contracts; waiting period; transactions not covered; Notice 2003-51 superseded.
Rev. Proc. 2008-23 (IRB 2008-12) Last-in, first out; LIFO; Vehicle-Pool Method; resellers of cars and light-duty trucks; automatic consent to change; permissible method of pooling for crossover vehicles; alternative dollar value.
Rev. Proc. 2008-22 (IRB 2008-12) Automobile owners and lessees; trucks and vans; depreciation limits for 2008; lease inclusion amount.
Rev. Proc. 2008-21 (IRB 2008-12) Returns filed with $1 in adjusted gross income; AGI; sole purpose of effectuating electronic filing of 2007 return; Notice 2008-28.
Rev. Proc. 2008-16 (IRB 2008-9) Like-kind exchanges of rental property that is used for personal purposes; safe harbor; property rented to others; occasionally used by owners for personal purposes.
Rev. Proc. 2008-14 (IRB 2008-7) Adequate disclosure; guidance concerning; Sec. 6662(d) and 6694(a).
Rev. Proc. 2008-13 (IRB 2008-6) Maximum value for use with vehicle special valuation rules; cents-per-mile.
Rev. Proc. 2008-12 (IRB 2008-5) Guidance to tax return preparers; format and content of consents to disclose and consents to use tax return information; electronic signatures for electronic consent.
Rev. Proc. 2008-9 (IRB 2008-2) Determination letters and rulings; exempt status of organizations under Sec. 501 and 521; revocation and modification; administrative remedies; Rev. Proc. 2007-52 superseded.
Rev. Proc. 2008-8 (IRB 2008-1) User fees for employee plans and exempt organizations; letter rulings; determination letters; Rev. Proc. 2007-8 superseded.
Rev. Proc. 2008-7 (IRB 2008-1) Areas in which rulings will not be issued; Associate Chief Counsel (International); Rev. Proc. 2007-7 superseded.
Rev. Proc. 2008-6 (IRB 2008-1) Employee plans; determination letters; status of employee plans; Rev. Proc. 2007-6 superseded.
<Rev. Proc. 2008-5 (IRB 2008-1) Technical advice; revised procedures; employee plans; actuarial matters; exempt organizations; Rev. Proc. 2007-5 superseded.
Rev. Proc. 2008-4 (IRB 2008-1) Rulings and information letters; issuance procedures; revised procedures; Tax Exempt and Government Entities; Rev. Proc. 2007-4 superseded.
Rev. Proc. 2008-3 (IRB 2008-1) Areas in which rulings will not be issued; domestic areas; Rev. Procs. 2007-3 and Areas in which rulings will not be issued; domestic areas; Rev. Procs. 2007-3 and 2007-39 superseded.
Rev. Proc. 2008-2 (IRB 2008-1) Technical advice; TAM; technical advice memoranda; taxpayer rights; Rev. Proc. 2007-2 superseded.
Rev. Proc. 2008-1 (IRB 2008-1) Letter rulings, information letters, determination letters; revised procedures; Rev. Proc. 2007-1 superseded.



T.D. 9433 (IRB 2008-50) Sec. 7701; list of foreign business entities always classified as corporations.
T.D. 9431 (IRB 2008-49) Sec. 6039I; information reporting on employer-owned life insurance contracts.
T.D. 9430 (IRB 2008-48) Sec. 6050P; information returns for cancellation of indebtedness income.
T.D. 9429 (IRB 2008-47) Sec. 141; treatment of payments in lieu of taxes as applicable taxes; private security or payment test.
T.D. 9428 (IRB 2008-47) Sec. 1367; definition of open account debt; S corporation; adjustments in basis of indebtedness; shareholder advances and repayments on advances of open account debt.
T.D. 9427 (IRB 2008-47) Sec. 9811; group health plans offering benefits for hospital stays; childbirth; 48-hour and 96-hour requirements.
T.D. 9416 (IRB 2008-46) Sec. 901; REG-156779-06; amount of taxes paid for purposes of foreign tax credit.
T.D. 9425 (IRB 2008-45) Sec. 6707A; REG-106868-04; recission of penalty; reportable transaction other than a listed transaction; Notice 2005-11 superseded.
T.D. 9424 (IRB 2008-44) Sec. 1502; 362; consequences of member's transfer of loss shares of subsidiary stock; transactions between members of a consolidated group; deconsolidation and worthlessness.
T.D. 9423 (IRB 2008-43) Sec. 170; 507; 509; 6033; 6043; REG-142333-07; tax exempt organizations required to file return; computation of public support; new procedures for seeking classification as public charity; reporting of information on annual return.
T.D. 9422 (IRB 2008-42) Sec. 1361; S corporations; stock disposition rules for various trusts; electing small business trust; ESBT; potential current beneficiary; inadvertent terminations and invalid elections; Notice 2005-91 obsoleted.
T.D. 9419 (IRB 2008-40) Sec. 430; mortality tables; minimum funding requirements for single employer qualified defined benefit pension plan.
T.D. 9421 (IRB 2008-39) Sec. 2642; generation-skipping transfer tax; GST; severance of a trust.
T.D. 9420 (IRB 2008-39) Sec. 42; low-income housing tax credit; utility allowances regulatoins; estimating tenant utility costs.
T.D. 9418 (IRB 2008-38) Sec. 408A; tax consequences of converting a non-Roth IRA to a Roth IRA.
T.D. 9417 (IRB 2008-37) Sec. 1301; REG-161695-04; averaging of farm and fishing income.
T.D. 9412 (IRB 2008-37) Sec. 179C; REG-146895-05; election to deduct 50 percent of costs of certain refineries.
T.D. 9415 (IRB 2008-36) Sec. 860G; residual interest in Real Estate Mortgage Investment Conduit; REMIC; allocated through foreign persons.
T.D. 9414 (IRB 2008-35) Sec. 2036; 2039; portion of property transferred to a trust or otherwise includible in grantor's gross estate; grantor retained use of property; right to annuity, unitrust or other payment from property for life; Rev. Ruls. 76-273 and 82-105 obsoleted.
T.D. 9413 (IRB 2008-34) Sec. 468B; 7872; taxation of income earned on escrow accounts, trusts, and other funds used in deferred like-kind exchanges; below-market loans to facilitators of these exchanges.
T.D. 9411 (IRB 2008-34) Sec. 195; 248; 709; REG-164965-04; making elections to amortize expenses.
T.D. 9410 (IRB 2008-34) Sec. 7425; 6343; discharge of liens; wrongfully levied-upon property; notices and claims.
T.D. 9408 (IRB 2008-33) Sec. 152; child as dependent; divorced parents; legally separated; lived apart for last 6 months of calendar year.
T.D. 9407 (IRB 2008-33) Sec. 6081; REG-115457-08; simplification of procedures for automatic extensions for certain returns.
T.D. 9406 (IRB 2008-32) Sec. 956; REG-138355-07; basis of property in controlled foreign corporation; transactions that qualify for nonrecognition treatment.
T.D. 9405 (IRB 2008-32) Sec. 6205; 6413; process for interest-free adjustments of underpayments and overpayments of employment taxes; filing claims for refund; refund instead of interest-free adjustment for overpayment.
T.D. 9404 (IRB 2008-32) Sec. 179B; REG-143453-05; small business refiners; diesel sulphur control requirements.
T.D. 9403 (IRB 2008-32) Sec. 664; charitable remainder trusts; unrelated business taxable income; UBTI; 100 percent excise tax.
T.D. 9402 (IRB 2008-31) Sec. 956; REG-102122-08; basis of property acquired by a controlled foreign corporation acquired through transactions that otherwise qualify for nonrecognition treatment.
T.D. 9409 (IRB 2008-29) Sec. 7216; REG-121698-08; disclosures of tax return information; consent to disclose social security number to non-U.S. return preparer; Form 1040 series.
T.D. 9401 (IRB 2008-27) Sec. 41; REG-149405-07; credit for increasing research activities; changes made by Tax Relief and Health Care Act of 2006.
T.D. 9399 (IRB 2008-25) Sec. 7874; determining if a foreign corporation is a surrogate foreign corporation; expanded affiliated group.
T.D. 9400 (IRB 2008-24) Sec. 367; REG-136020-07; parent or subsidiary corporation foreign; triangular reorganization; treatment as distribution; Notices 2006-85 and 2007-48 obsoleted.
T.D. 9398 (IRB 2008-24) Sec. 704; partnerships; look-through entities or members of a consolidated group as partners in a partnership; tax attributes; economic effect of an allocation; Sec. 482.
T.D. 9397 (IRB 2008-22) Sec. 358; removal of exception for transfers in which substantially all assets association with a liability are transferred to person assuming liability as part of the exchange.
T.D. 9396 (IRB 2008-22) Sec. 368; post-reorganization transfers; transfers to former shareholder of acquired corporation; step transaction doctrine.
T.D. 9395 (IRB 2008-22) Sec. 7603; 7609; amendments made by Internal Revenue Service Restructuring and Reform Act of 1998; Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1990; Technical and Miscellaneous Revenue Act of 1988; Tax Reform Act of 1986.
T.D. 9394 (IRB 2008-21) Sec. 1446; permitting a partnership under certain circumstances to consider partner-level items when computing Sec. 1446 withholding tax obligation; effectively connected with its U.S. trade or business.
T.D. 9393 (IRB 2008-20) Sec. 4980G; employer comparable contributions to Health Savings Accounts; HSAs; employee not established an HSA by December 21st; employer accelerates contributions for employee who have incurred qualified medical expenses.
T.D. 9391 (IRB 2008-20) Sec. 937; source of income; U.S. territories; American Samoa, Guam; Northern Mariana Islands; Puerto Rico; U.S Virgin Islands; effectively connected; Rev. Rul. 56-127 obsoleted.
T.D. 9392 (IRB 2008-19) Sec. 6050L; information returns by donees relating to qualified intellectual property contributions.
T.D. 9390 (IRB 2008-18) Sec. 501(c)(3); 4958; relationship between requirements for tax exemption and excise taxes on excess benefit transactions between public charities and their insiders; non-exhaustive list of factors considered; examples.
T.D. 9389 (IRB 2008-18) Sec. 6103; REG-114942-07; disclosure of return information by employees of Treasury Department; whistleblowers; violations of internal revenue laws.
T.D. 9388 (IRB 2008-17) Sec. 7701; REG-143468-07; list of foreign business entities that are always classified as corporations.
T.D. 9387 (IRB 2008-16) Sec. 168; public utility property; normalization accounting; excess deferred income taxes.
T.D. 9386 (IRB 2008-16) Sec. 165; availability and character of a deduction for a loss from abandoned stock or other securities.
T.D. 9384 (IRB 2008-16) Sec. 199; revision of certain rules and examples; definition of qualified film; expanded affiliated group.
T.D. 9383 (IRB 2008-15) Sec. 1502; REG-137573-07; final, temporary and proposed; 1.1502-13(c)(6)(ii)(C); redetermination of intercompany gain as excluded from gross income.
T.D. 9381 (IRB 2008-14) Sec. 199; amendments made by Tax Increase Prevention and Reconciliation Act of 2005; deduction for income; domestic production activities.
T.D. 9380 (IRB 2008-14) Sec. 6020; returns prepared or signed by the Commissioner or IRS employee; substitute return; failure to file required return.
T.D. 9379 (IRB 2008-14) Sec. 1221; REG-153589-06; election to treat sale or exchange of musical compositions or copyrights in musical works as sale or exchange of a capital asset; time and manner.
T.D. 9378 (IRB 2008-14) Sec. 6325; procedures for obtaining release or discharge of federal lien.
T.D. 9376 (IRB 2008-11) Sec. 1502; items of a liquidating corporation are succeeded to and taken into account; multiple members; complete liquidation under Section 332.
T.D. 9373 (IRB 2008-8) Sec. 6103; additional return item to be disclosed; REG-147832-07.
T.D. 9372 (IRB 2008-8) Sec. 6103; disclosure of tax return information to Department of Commerce for census purposes.
T.D. 9371 (IRB 2008-8) Sec. 904; treatment of overall foreign and domestic losses; separate limitation losses; REG-141399-07.
T.D. 9370 (IRB 2008-7) User fees for enrolled actuary.
T.D. 9368 (IRB 2008-6) Sec. 904; separate foreign tax credit limitation categories; REG-114126-07.
T.D. 9375 (IRB 2008-5) Sec. 7216; update rules regarding disclosure and use of tax return information by tax preparers; consent to disclosure.


Proposed Regulations

REG-148326-05 (IRB 2008-51) Sec. 409A; amounts includable in income; additional taxes on service provider participating in nonqualified deferred compensation plan.
REG-164370-05 (IRB 2008-46) Sec. 108; discharge of indebtedness income of a partnership that transfers a partnership interest; fair market value of a partnership interest transferred to a creditor.
REG-128841-07 (IRB 2008-45) Sec. 147; public approval requirement for tax-exempt bonds.
REG-107318-08 (IRB 2008-45) Sec. 411; 417; 402; notice requirement; defer receipt of an immediately distributable benefit; consequences.
REG-142339-05 (IRB 2008-45) Sec. 45D; targeted populations; qualified active low-income community business.
REG-157711-02 (IRB 2008-44) Sec. 1502; 362; partial withdrawal of proposed regulations; intercompany transactions; consolidated group.
REG-143544-04 (IRB 2008-42) Sec. 336; election to treat certain sales, exchanges, and distributions of another corporation's stock as taxable sales of that corporation's assets.
REG-209006-89 (IRB 2008-41) Sec. 367; 1248; cross-border asset reorganizations and nonrecognition distributions of stock of certain foreign corporations by domestic corporations.
REG-149404-07 (IRB 2008-40) Sec. 45D; clarification of redemption rules; partnership redemption safe harbor; breadth of reasonable expectations test; recapture.
REG-140029-07 (IRB 2008-40) Sec. 170; substantiation and reporting requirements for cash and noncash charitable contributions; changes by American Jobs Creation Act of 2004 and Pension Protection Act of 2006.
REG-106251-08 (IRB 2008-39) Sec. 423; requirements for a plan to meet definition of an employee stock purchase plan; stock acquired pursuant to an option granted under employee stock purchase plan.
REG-120844-07 (IRB 2008-39) Sec. 460; long-term construction contracts; home construction contracts; changes in method of accounting for long-term contracts.
REG-102822-08 (IRB 2008-38) Sec. 108; S corporation reduction in tax attributes; discharge of indebtedness income excluded from gross income under Sec. 108(a).
REG-103146-08 (IRB 2008-37) Sec. 6039; 422; 423; information return; written statement; transfer of stock; incentive stock option; exercise of option.
REG-120476-07 (IRB 2008-36) Sec. 4980G; 4980B; 4980D; 4980E; excise tax; guidance on employer contributions to Health Savings Accounts; HSAs; nonhighly compensated employees; qualified HSA distributions.
REG-142680-06 (IRB 2008-35) Sec. 7508A; Presidentially declared disaster or terroristic or military action; postponement of certain tax-related acts; interest suspension.
REG-142040-07 (IRB 2008-34) Sec. 401; 403; governmental plan; required minimum distributions rules; reasonable and good faith interpretation of statute.
REG-100464-08 (IRB 2008-32) Sec. 411; application of accrual rule for defined benefit plans; benefits determined on basis of greatest of two or more separate formulas.
REG-101258-08 (IRB 2008-28) Sec. 642; 643; provision in trust or estate that attempts to determine the tax character of amounts paid to charitable beneficiary.
REG-129243-07 (IRB 2008-27) Sec. 6694; 6695; tax return preparer penalty; definitional provisions.
REG-143716-04 (IRB 2008-25) Sec. 7477; determining whether a donor may petition the Tax Court for judgment with respect to valuation of gift; no current gift tax liability.
REG-106897-08 (IRB 2008-25) Sec. 274; qualified nonpersonal use vehicles; clearly marked public safety officer vehicles added to list.
REG-100798-06 (IRB 2008-23) Sec. 704; anti-abuse rule; tax liabilities of both the partners in a partnership and certain direct and indirect owners of such partners; 704(c) allocation method.
REG-208199-91 (IRB 2008-21) Sec. 6503; use of designated summonses and related summonses; suspension of period of limitations on assessment when case is brought with respect to the designated or related summonses.
REG-112196-07 (IRB 2008-21) Sec. 2032; election to use alternate valuation method availability; reduction in value of gross estate due to market conditions; definition of market conditions; post-death events.
REG-147775-06 (IRB 2008-19) Sec. 2642; whether IRS will grant a transferor or a transferor's estate extions of time under Sec. 2642(g)(1); generation skipping transfer exemption; GST; Sec. 2632(b)(3); Sec. 2632(c)(5)(A)(i); Sec. 2632(c)(5)(A)(ii).
REG-108508-08 (IRB 2008-19) Sec. 4971; excise tax for failure to make certain required pension funding contributions.
REG-141998-06 (IRB 2008-19) Sec. 6323; validity and priority of federal tax liens; liens self-releasing; electroncially filed liens.
REG-168745-03 (IRB 2008-18) Sec. 263; application to amounts paid to acquire, produce, or improve tangible property; capitalization; current deduction; expense; treatment of capitalized amounts; regulations withdraw and replace proposed regulations issued in August 2006.
REG-119518-07 (IRB 2008-17) Sec. 162; deemed living expenses while away from home for state legislator.
REG-110136-07 (IRB 2008-17) Sec. 4980F; permitted plan amendment effective before plan amendment's applicable amendment date; certain amendments made by Pension Protection Act of 2006.
REG-151135-07 (IRB 2008-16) Sec. 432; multiemployer defined benefit plans.
REG-124590-07 (IRB 2008-16) Sec. 954 personal property sold by controlled foreign corporation; contract manufacturing agreement; constructed by one or more branches of the controlled foreign corporation.
REG-127391-07 (IRB 2008-13) Sec. 664; charitable remainder trusts; unrelated business taxable income; UBTI; 100-percent excise tax; paid from corpus.
REG-136701-07 (IRB 2008-11) Sec. 401; diversification requirements for certain defined contribution plans; publicly traded employer securities.
REG-104946-07 (IRB 2008-11) Sec. 411; added by Pension Protection Act of 2006; vesting and payment benefits for hybrid defined benefit plans; age discrimination rule.
REG-139236-07 (IRB 2008-9) Sec. 430; valuation of plan assets; determination of benefit liabilities for funding requirements; single employer defined benefit plans; changes made by Pension Protection Act of 2006.
REG-111583-07 (IRB 2008-4) Sec. 6205; amend process of making interest-free adjustments of underpayments and overpayments of employment taxes; Sec. 6205, 6413; refund of overpayments of employment taxes under Sec. 6402, 6414.



Notice 2008-116 (IRB 2008-52) Sec. 67; investment advisory costs; 2-percent floor; one commission or fee; trust; taxable years beginning before January 1, 2009; Notice 2008-32 modified and superseded.
Notice 2008-115 (IRB 2008-52) Reporting and wage withholding requirements for 2008; deferrals of compensation and amounts includible in gross income; Sec. 409A; Notice 2005-1 modified.
Notice 2008-114 (IRB 2008-51) Income, wages, salary exempt from notice of levy to collect delinquent tax in 2009.
Notice 2008-113 (IRB 2008-51) Sec. 409A; ability to correct certain operational failures for compliance; nonqualified deferred compensation plans; Notices 2006-100 and 2007-89 modified; Notice 2007-100 obsoleted.
Notice 2008-111 (IRB 2008-51) Intermediary Transaction Tax Shelters; Notice 2001-16 clarified; Notice 2008-20 superseded.
Notice 2008-110 (IRB 2008-51) Biodiesel tax incentive; cellulosic biofuel producer credit; Sec. 40A; 6426; 6427.
Notice 2008-104 (IRB 2008-51) Additional transition relief; use of debit cards for medical expense reimbursement; merchant category of Drug Stores and Pharmacies; Notice 2007-2 modified.
Notice 2008-109 (IRB 2008-50) Sec. 1400N; state volume limits; Midwestern and Hurricane Ike disaster areas; tax-exempt bonds; tax credit bonds.
Notice 2008-108 (IRB 2008-50) Retirement plans; qualification; list of changes; requests for opinion, advisor and determination letters; Rev. Proc. 2007-44.
Notice 2008-107 (IRB 2008-50) Sec. 911; adjusted limitations on housing expenses for 2008.
Notice 2008-106 (IRB 2008-49) Sec. 3002; 9 percent applicable percentage floor; buildings placed in service after July 30, 2008 and before December 31, 2013; low-income housing.
Notice 2008-99 (IRB 2008-47) Sec. 6111; 6112; transactions of interest; sale or other disposition of all the interests in a charitable remainder trust; contribution of appreciated assets to trust; little or no recognization of gain by grantor or noncharitable recipient.
Notice 2008-103 (IRB 2008-46) 2009 social security contribution and benefit base; domestic employee coverage threshold.
Notice 2008-102 (IRB 2008-45) Cost of living adjustments for 2009; retirement plans; applicable dollar limits; deferred compensation plans.
Notice 2008-98 (IRB 2008-44) Amend normal retirement age regulations; effective date for governmental plans to on or after January 1, 2011.
Notice 2008-95 (IRB 2008-44) Hurricanes Katrina, Wilma, Rita; certain grants in compensation; casualty loss deductions; filing amended returns.
Notice 2008-94 (IRB 2008-44) Sec. 162(m)(5); 280G(e); limits on deductibility of compensation; corporate executives; excess parachute payments; excise tax.
Notice 2008-92 (IRB 2008-43) Insurance-dedicated money market funds; participation in Treasury's Temporary Guarantee Program for Money Market Funds; diversification requirement.
Notice 2008-91 (IRB 2008-43) Controlled foreign corporation; CFC; exclusion of certain obligations from United States property; Sec. 956.
Notice 2008-90 (IRB 2008-43) Sec. 170; charitable contributions of inventory property; deductible amount; adjustment to cost of goods sold; safe harbor.
Notice 2008-89 (IRB 2008-43) Sec. 613A; 2008 marginal production rates; percentage depletion.
Notice 2008-72 (IRB 2008-43) Sec. 43 inflation adjustment factor; phaseout amount; enhanced oil recovery credit.
Notice 2008-88 (IRB 2008-42) Tax-exempt qualified tender bond; tax-exempt commercial paper; reissuance or retirement of purchased tax-exempt bond; Notice 2008-41 amended and supplemented.
Notice 2008-87 (IRB 2008-42) Sec. 7058A; Presidentially declared disaster area; relief for funding deadlines and other requirements for plans in certain counties affected by Hurricane Ike.
Notice 2008-86 (IRB 2008-42) Sec. 1033; Extension of replacement period for livestock sold on account of drought; 4-year replacement period; list of counties with severe drought.
Notice 2008-85 (IRB 2008-42) Updated static mortality tables; minimum funding requirements to single employer defined benefit pension plans; funding target.
Notice 2008-82 (IRB 2008-41) Sec. 125; distributions of unused amounts in health Flexible Spending Arrangement; FSA; reservists called up to active duty.
Notice 2008-81 (IRB 2008-41) Money market funds; stable $1.00 per share net asset value; restrictions against federal guarantees of tax-exempt bonds; exempt interest dividends.
Notice 2008-78 (IRB 2008-41) Sec. 382; capital contributions under Sec. 382(l)1).
Notice 2008-80 (IRB 2008-40) Tax exempt bond partnerships; proposed revenue procedure; modification to Rev. Proc. 2003-84.
Notice 2008-76 (IRB 2008-39) Sec. 382; acquisitions made pursuant to the Housing and Economic Recovery Act of 2008.
Notice 2008-74 (IRB 2008-38) Delay in effective date of Rev. Rul. 2006-57; guidance to employers on use of smartcards, debit, or credit cards; qualified transportation fringes; mass transit; Sec. 132.
Notice 2008-73 (IRB 2008-38) Expansion of availability of transition relief for certain small pension plans originally provided in Notice 2008-21.
Notice 2008-70 (IRB 2008-36) Sec. 54B; qualified forestry conservation bonds; QFCBs.
Notice 2008-68 (IRB 2008-34) Sec. 48; energy credit; fuel cells; microturbines.
Notice 2008-67 (IRB 2008-32) Qualified recovery assistance property; 50% additional first year depreciation; Kansas disaster area on or after May 5, 2007; elect out of 50% additional depreciation.
Notice 2008-68 (IRB 2008-31) Suspension of certain requirements; Sec. 42; low-income housing credit; emergency housing relief; severe storms and flooding in Missouri beginning June 1, 2008.
Notice 2008-64 (IRB 2008-31) Comments solicited on proposal to require taxpayers to disclose groupings and regroupings of activities; addition and disposition of activities; Sec. 469, 1.469-4.
Notice 2008-63 (IRB 2008-31) Proposed revenue ruling concerning income, gift, estate, and generation-skipping transfer tax consequences; private trust company created by family members; family members as grantors and beneficiaries.
Notice 2008-61 (IRB 2008-30) Sec. 42; suspension of certain requirements; low-income housing credit projects; emergency housing relief; severe storms, tornadoes, and flooding in Wisconsin beginning June 5, 2008.
Notice 2008-60 (IRB 2008-30) Sec. 45; guidance for credit for electricity produced from certain renewable resources; Notice 2006-88 modified and superseded.
Notice 2008-62 (IRB 2008-29) Sec. 457(f); IRS anticipates proposing regulations addressing receipt by employee or independent contractor of recurring part-year compensation over an extended period does not constitute deferred compensation.
Notice 2008-59 (IRB 2008-29) Health Savings Accounts; HSAs; question and answer guidance not previously addressed; Notices 2004-2, 2004-50, and 2007-22 amplified.
Notice 2008-58 (IRB 2008-28) Sec. 42; suspension of certain requirements for low-income housing credit; emergency housing relief; severe storms, tornadoes, flooding in Iowa beginning May 25, 2008.
Notice 2008-57 (IRB 2008-28) Designation of China earthquake as a qualified disaster for purposes of Sec. 139; employer-sponsored private foundations to assist certain victims.
Notice 2008-56 (IRB 2008-28) Sec. 42; suspension of certain requirements for low-income housing credit; emergency housing relief; severe storms or flooding in Indiana beginning June 6, 2008.
Notice 2008-55 (IRB 2008-27) Effect of adding liquidity facilities to support certain auction rate preferred stock on the equity character.
Notice 2008-52 (IRB 2008-25) Contribution limits for Health Savings Accounts; HSAs; for 2007 and later years; Notices 2004-2 and 2004-50 modified.
Notice 2008-51 (IRB 2008-25) Qualified Health Savings Accounts; HSAs; funding distributions from an IRA to an HSA.
Notice 2008-48 (IRB 2008-21) Renewable electricity production; refined coal production; calendar year 2008 inflation adjustment factors and reference prices; Sec. 45.
Notice 2008-49 (IRB 2008-20) Sec. 6104; 501(c)(3) organizations; Forms 990-T available for public inspection; Notice 2007-45 modified.
Notice 2008-46 (IRB 2008-18) Sec. 6694; guidance regarding implementation of tax return preparer penalty provisions; Notice 2008-13 supplemented.
Notice 2008-44 (IRB 2008-16) Sec. 45K; inflation adjustment factor and phaseout amount; nonconventional source fuel credit; 2007 calendar year.
Notice 2008-43 (IRB 2008-15) Circular 230; contingent fee; clarification; examination of tax return; whistleblower claims; interim rules.
Notice 2008-42 (IRB 2008-15) Split-dollar life insurance; modification that does not include a change to the life insurance contract; material change.
Notice 2008-40 (IRB 2008-14) Decuction for energy efficient commercial buildings; Sec. 179D; interim lighting rule; unconditioned garage space; Notice 2006-52 clarified and amplified.
Notice 2008-39 (IRB 2008-13) Sec. 41; research credit; filing rules for certain claims; Notice 2002-44 superseded.
Notice 2008-36 (IRB 2008-12) Energy credit; equivalent rating network; equivalent calculation procedure; eligible contractor; approved software; Notice 2006-28 clarified and superseded; Announcement 2006-88 clarified and superseded.
Notice 2008-35 (IRB 2008-12) Energy credit; equivalent rating network; equivalent calculation procedure; eligible contractor; approved software; Notice 2006-27 clarified and superseded; Announcement 2006-88 clarified and superseded.
Notice 2008-34 (IRB 2008-12) Distressed assets with high basis and low fair market value; acquisition of interest in trust or series of trusts; shifting a built-in loss; economic loss.
Notice 2008-32 (IRB 2008-11) Sec. 67; interim guidance; investment advisory costs and other costs sjuject to 2-percent floor; amounts bundled as part of one commission or fee paid to trustee or executor; other than grantor trust or estate.
Notice 2008-30 (IRB 2008-12) Distributions; various issues; Pension Protection Act of 2006; PPA 2006.
Notice 2008-29 (IRB 2008-12) Alternative mortality tables; disabled invididuals; defined benefit plans; determination of present values.
Notice 2008-28 (IRB 2008-10) How to request economic stimulus payment if not filing an income tax return.
Notice 2008-26 (IRB 2008-9) Sec. 48A; advanced cola project program; integrated gasification combined cycle projects; bituminous coal as primary feedstock.
Notice 2008-25 (IRB 2008-9) GO Zone bonus depreciation recapture provisions; GO Zone property transferred in like-kind exchange or involuntary conversion; Notice 2006-77 clarified and amplified.
Notice 2008-23 (IRB 2008-7) Safe harbor under which supplemental health insurance excepted from HIPAA requirements.
Notice 2008-21 (IRB 2008-7) Funding; effective date; proposed regulations under Sec. 430 and 436; transitional guidance for small plans.
Notice 2008-20 (IRB 2008-6) Components of Intermediary Transaction Tax Shelter; Notice 2001-16; definition of participants; Notice 2001-16 modified.
Notice 2008-19 (IRB 2008-5) Risk shifting; risk distribution; insurance; cell captive guidance.
Notice 2008-16 (IRB 2008-4) Sec. 170; substantiating lump-sum charitable contributions made through Combined Federal Campaign or similar program.
Notice 2008-15 (IRB 2008-4) Allocation of prepaid qualified mortgage insurance premiums for 2007; information reporting of prepaid qualified mortgage insurance premiums.
Notice 2008-14 (IRB 2008-4) List of positions identified as frivolous for Sec. 6702; Notice 2007-30 modified and superseded.
Notice 2008-13 (IRB 2008-3) Guidance regarding implementation of tax return preparer penalty provisions; Sec. 6694; definitional provisions Sec. 7701.
Notice 2008-12 (IRB 2008-3) Guidance regarding implementation of tax return preparer signature requirement; Sec. 6695.
Notice 2008-11 (IRB 2008-3) Tax return preparer penalty provisions; transitional relief; Notice 2007-54 clarified.
Notice 2008-10 (IRB 2008-3) Intention to issue regulations under Sec. 357; outbound reorganizations that repatriate earnings; subject to gain under Sec. 367.
Notice 2008-9 (IRB 2008-3) Final regulations under 1.1502-36 not to apply to a transfer to an unrelated person if binding agreement before publication of regulations.
Notice 2008-8 (IRB 2008-3) Information reporting requirements; Sec. 6039; stock transfers occurring on or after January 1, 2007; IRS waiving obligation to make an information return for 2007 stock transfers; furnishing of information required by Sec. 1.6039-1.
Notice 2008-7 (IRB 2008-3) Diversification; transition rules; extension; certain defined contribution plans; Notice 2006-107 modified.
Notice 2008-6 (IRB 2008-3) Transition relief for certain trusts that have become private foundations through failure to meet responsiveness test for Type III supporting organizations.
Notice 2008-5 (IRB 2008-2) Individual as qualifying relative for dependency exemption; definition; Sec. 152; 151.
Notice 2008-4 (IRB 2008-2) Claims with IRS Whistleblower Office; payment of awards; report of underpayments of tax.
Notice 2008-3 (IRB 2008-2) Impuesto empresarial a tasa unica; IETU; single rate business tax; tax eligible for credit against U.S. tax.
Notice 2008-1 (IRB 2008-2) Accident and health insurance premiums; medical; 2-percent shareholder in S corporation; deduction; reimbursed by S corporation; inclusion in gross income.



Announcement 2008-128 (IRB 2008-52) Corrections to temporary regulations; T.D. 7964; tax shelter registration.
Announcement 2008-127 (IRB 2008-52) Corrections to final and temporary regulations; T.D. 9430; information returns for cancellation of indebtedness by certain entities.
Announcement 2008-119 (IRB 2008-50) Clarification for filing procedures in Publication 1187 for Form 1042-S; Foreign Person's U.S. Source Income Subject to Withholding; Rev. Proc. 2008-44 clarified.
Announcement 2008-115 (IRB 2008-48) Definition of interest in real property; notice of proposed rulemaking; REG-130342-08.
Announcement 2008-114 (IRB 2008-48) Corrections to final regulations; Sec. 1502; T.D. 9424; tax consequences of member's transfer of loss shares of subsidiary stock; Sec. 362 and transactions between members of a consolidated group.
Announcement 2008-111 (IRB 2008-48) Two-year test of mediation and arbitration procedures; Offer-in-Compromise; Trust Fund Recovery Penalty cases; Rev. Proc. 2002-44 and 2006-44 modified.
Announcement 2008-110 (IRB 2008-48) Fast Track Settlement program for SB/SE extended for an additional two years.
Announcement 2008-105 (IRB 2008-48) Fast Track Settlement program for TE/GE; FTS; alternative dispute resolution techniques; 60-day period to reach settlement.
Announcement 2008-106 (IRB 2008-45) Individual e-file Partnership Program; applications from potential partners; free file; electronic filing.
Announcement 2008-99 (IRB 2008-44) Correction to temporary regulations; T.D. 8073; effective dates; qualified employee benefit plans, welfare benefit funds.
Announcement 2008-98 (IRB 2008-44) Qualified Intermediary Agreement; QI; guidance for external auditors of qualified intermediaries.
Announcement 2008-95 (IRB 2008-42) Form 1042-S; Foreign Person's U.S. Source Income Subject to Withholding; filing electronically; clarification of procedures; Announcement 2008-19 superseded.
Announcement 2008-92 (IRB 2008-42) Correction to proposed regulations; REG-161695-04; averaging of farming and fishing income.
Announcement 2008-91 (IRB 2008-42) Correction to final and temporary regulations; T.D. 9417; averaging of farming and fishing income.
Announcement 2008-84 (IRB 2008-38) Change in method of accounting; Rev. Proc. 2008-52 modified; modification of transition rules.
Announcement 2008-75 (IRB 2008-33) Corrections to proposed regulations; REG-129243-07; tax return preparer penalties; Sec. 6694; 6695; 6060; 6107; 6109; 6696; 7701.
Announcement 2008-74 (IRB 2008-33) Correction to final regulation; T.D. 9391; Sec. 937; source of income; within or without U.S. possession.
Announcement 2008-73 (IRB 2008-33) Corrections to proposed regulations; REG-101258-08; Sec. 642; consequences of ordering provision in trust, will, or provision of local law; tax character of amounts paid to charitable beneficiary.
Announcement 2008-71 (IRB 2008-32) Proposed regulations; REG-151135-07; multiemployer defined benefit plans.
Announcement 2008-65 (IRB 2008-31) Clarification; limited partner described in Rev. Rul. 2008-12; allowable amount of distributive share of trading partnership's interest expense; Schedule E.
Announcement 2008-63 (IRB 2008-28) Optional standard mileage rate for autos; business, medical and moving purposes; effective July 1, 2008; Rev. Proc. 2007-70 modified.
Announcement 2008-59 (IRB 2008-26) Corrections to final regulations; partnerships; T.D. 9398; rules for testing economic effect of an allocation as substantial; Sec. 704(b); partners are look-through entities or members of consolidated group.
Announcement 2008-58 (IRB 2008-26) Corrections to final regulations; partnerships; T.D. 9398; rules for testing economic effect of an allocation as substantial; Sec. 704(b); partners are look-through entities or members of consolidated group.
Announcement 2008-56 (IRB 2008-26) Employee stock ownership plans; dividends; Sec. 404(k); reporting; distributions from plan; Announcement 85-168 revoked.
Announcement 2008-53 (IRB 2008-23) Corrections to proposed regulations; REG-143397-05; Sec. 704(c)(1)(B) and 737; distributions of property after two partnerships engage in an assets-over merger.
Announcement 2008-50 (IRB 2008-21) Office of Professional Responsibility; publish announcements of disciplinary sanctions listing violations of Treasury Department Circular No. 230; description of misconduct.
Announcement 2008-46 (IRB 2008-20) Correction to Rev. Rul. 2008-22; corpus of inter vivos trust includable in grantor's gross estate; Sec. 2036; 2038; Rev. Rul. 2008-22 modified.
Announcement 2008-44 (IRB 2008-20) Economic stimulus payment; direct deposit; tax favored account; removal of payments deposited without incurring any adverse tax consequences.
Announcement 2008-41 (IRB 2008-19) Notice of withdrawal of proposed regulations; REG-109367-06; accounts or notes receivable are acquired for services rendered.
Announcement 2008-38 (IRB 2008-17) Correction to final regulations; T.D. 8697; classification of certain business organizations under an elective regime.
Announcement 2008-35 (IRB 2008-17) Correction to final regulations; T.D. 9386; availability and character of loss deduction under Section 165; abandoned stock or other securities.
Announcement 2008-33 (IRB 2008-16) Corrections to regulations; T.D. 9273; carryover of certain tax attributes; earnings and profits; foreign income tax accounts; combination of two corporations; liquidation.
Announcement 2008-30 (IRB 2008-16) Corrections to regulations; T.D. 9368; separate foreign tax credit limitation categories; foreign tax credit.
Announcement 2008-29 (IRB 2008-15) Corrections to regulations; T.D. 9368; separate foreign tax credit limitation categories; foreign tax credit.
Announcement 2008-27 (IRB 2008-15) Advance Pricing Agreements; APAs; annual report on structure and activities.
Announcement 2008-25 (IRB 2008-14) Proposed regulations REG-107592-00 consolidated return regulations withdrawn in part; insurance between members of a consolidated group.
Announcement 2008-23 (IRB 2008-14) Pre-approved defined contribution master and prototype and volume submitter plans; inssuance of EGTRRA opinion and advisory letters.
Announcement 2008-21 (IRB 2008-13) Requestion from IRS inspection and copying of Sec. 501(c)(3) organization's annual returnreporting Sec. 511 unrelated business income; Form 990-T.

Announcement 2008-19 (IRB 2008-11) Changes to Publication 1187; filing procedures for Form 1042-S, Foreign Person's U.S. Source Income Subject to Withholding.
Announcement 2008-16 (IRB 2008-9) Corrections to final regulations; T.D. 9375; disclosure and use of tax return information by tax return preparers.
Announcement 2008-15 (IRB 2008-9) Corrections to Rev. Pro.c 2008-13; maximum vehicle values for use with the special valuation rules; Reg. 1.61-21(d) and (e).
Announcement 2008-12 (IRB 2008-7) Corrections to temporary regulations (T.D. 9362) and proposed regulations (REG-209020-86) U.S. taxpayer's obligaton to notify IRS of a foreign tax redetermination; civil penalty; Sec. 905.
Announcement 2008-11 (IRB 2008-7) Corrections to temporary regulations (T.D. 9362) and proposed regulations (REG-209020-86) U.S. taxpayer's obligaton to notify IRS of a foreign tax redetermination; civil penalty; Sec. 905.
Announcement 2008-10 (IRB 2008-7) Corrections to final regulations (T.D. 9363); requirements for filing corporate income tax returns and returns of organizations; magnetic media.
Announcement 2008-9 (IRB 2008-7) Corrections to temporary regulations (T.D. 9362) and proposed regulations (REG-209020-86) U.S. taxpayer's obligaton to notify IRS of a foreign tax redetermination; civil penalty; Sec. 905.
Announcement 2008-8 (IRB 2008-6) Tax treaty; Belgium; Denmark; Finland; Germany; tax rates for various types of income.
Announcement 2008-7 (IRB 2008-5) IRS considering issuing rules regarding disclosure and use of tax return information by tax return preparers; REG-136596-07; refund anticipation loans; RALs.
Announcement 2008-6 (IRB 2008-5) Filing procedures for Form 1042-S, Foreign Person's U.S. Source Income Subject to Withholding; electronic or magnetic filing.


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