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We've produced some checklists and worksheets to make tax return preparation, planning, etc. easier. These are not intended to cover all possibilities nor do they provide much detail. Instead, they're intended to be a list of the most commonly encountered issues, points, etc. with reminders of potential issues. Even tax professionals may have to do some research. Our intention is to provide a list to help avoid missing important points.  


Section 179 Expensing Election
Home Improvements -- Basis Additions
Carryforward Items
Self-Employment Income Subject to SECA Tax
Other Income Items Form 1040, Line 21
Job Expenses and Miscellaneous Deductions Schedule A
Mortgage Interest Deduction
Other Taxes Reportable on Form 1040
IRA/Pension Plan Rollover Chart
Other Adjustments to AGI-Form 1040, Line 36
Exceptions to Early Distribution Penalty
Work Opportunity Tax Credit
Child and Dependent Care Tax Credit
Moving Expenses
Year-End Checklist
Charitable Contributions



Net Operating Loss--Business-Nonbusiness Income and Deductions for Individuals
Distance Test for Moving Expenses


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